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EVENT APPLICATION | Public events held on public land

If you are considering holding your event on public land - park, reserve, footpath or road - Council requires event organisers to complete a Major Event Application Form. All applications must be submitted online by clicking on the link below.

Major Event Application Form

All Major Event Applications should be received by Council three (3) to six (6) months prior to the event.


If you intend on staging your event on a park, reserve, footpath or road; or you would like to hold a public event on one of Council's sporting facilities, you must complete the relevant booking form and upload as part of your application.

Booking Form A (PDF 434.9KB) for park, reserve, footpath or road bookings


Booking Form B (PDF 429KB) for sporting facility bookings


SPECIAL EVENT TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT PLAN | Events held on, or impacting, the road network

Additional information is required by events staged on or impacting the roads network. Transport for NSW and NSW Police are required to sight documentation. Applications must be received by Council at least three (3) months prior to the event. Applications received less than three (3) months prior run the risk of not obtaining appropriate approvals.

Special Events Transport Form (PDF 1.8MB)


MARKET APPLICATION | Markets held on public land

Market owners wishing to conduct activity on public space (parks, footpaths and reserves) across the Dubbo Region Local Government Area are required to submit an application form.

2021/2022 Market Activity Application Form (PDF 516.6KB)


Event Management Plan Template (DOCX 42KB)

Risk Management Plan (DOCX 33.4KB)

Food Vendor Notification (DOCX 37KB)

For information regarding any conditions or restrictions applying to event activity due to COVID-19, go to the NSW Government webpage Roadmap for Easing COVID-19 Restrictions 



The NSW Premier and Cabinet’s Event Starter Guide is the ideal reference for event owners providing important information and guidance to support and assist you to arrange and deliver your event in the Dubbo Region.

Before you begin  |  Key factors to consider early including costs, timing, permits and plans

Who you should talk to | Key contacts for APRA, Liquor Gaming and Racing and emergency services

Documentation and record keeping  |  What you need to plan for and what you need to consider in your budget

Risk  |  Considerations in the development of your risk management plan

Safety and Security  |  What elements you need to consider when developing emergency plans 

Event Services and Venues  | A list of local event venues and event services to assist you in delivering your event including ticketing, audio, catering, equipment hire and security

Communication  |  Internal and external communications and protocols

Health  |  Food safety and a handy matrix to calculate toilet facilities required for your event

Traffic and transport  |  Plans of management to support traffic, transport and pedestrians

Accessibility  |  Your obligations to provide access for people with a disability

Sustainability  |  Key areas to consider environmental and social impacts

Volunteers  |  Best practice to help manage volunteers

Music and performers  |  Protecting the rights of artists and your obligations

Fundraising  |  Applying through NSW Fair Trading

Sponsorship  |  How to best leverage sponsorship support

In the lead up and on the day  |  Development of an Event Management Plan

Evaluating your event  |  Methods to use to evaluate your event

WHS Checklist (PDF 149.7KB) | To assist in managing WHS at your event

Temporary Event Signage Guidelines (PDF 446.7KB)

Important information for event owners regarding banner placement across the Dubbo Region

Media Contacts – Dubbo Region (PDF 457.9KB)

Email addresses for local print, radio and broadcast media

Last Edited: 17 Jan 2022

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