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Recharge your batteries in the Dubbo Region!

Dubbo Regional Council has been working with the NSW Government and charging infrastructure providers to grow the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network across NSW. Council is host to a number of fast and destination electric vehicle charging stations in Dubbo and Wellington.

According to the NSW Environment Protection Authority the transport sector is currently the State’s second largest source of CO2 emissions and is predicted to become the state’s leading source of emissions by 2035. Benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles include reduced greenhouse gas emissions helping to combat climate change, improved air quality, less noise, and lower running costs than conventional vehicles. Dubbo Regional Council has recently adopted a Zero Emissions Fleet Strategy and Implementation Plan for its fleet, paving the way for Council to transition to zero emission vehicles, including electric vehicles, in coming years. View the document at Council's dedicated webpage; A-Z Plans and Strategies


A fast EV charging station (also known as rapid or quick charging station) allows an electric vehicle to recharge within a short time period (e.g. <30 minutes). A number of fast EV charging stations have been installed throughout the Dubbo Region, including Tesla and NRMA.

Dubbo Regional Council is host to 4 x Tesla Superchargers (120kW) and 1 x NRMA fast charger (50 KW) at the Western Plains Cultural Centre (WPCC), 76 Wingewarra St Dubbo NSW. The WPCC offers many amenities for travellers including gallery, museum, café, public toilets, and wheelchair access.

For further information on the fast EV charging stations please visit:


An EV destination charging station allows an electric vehicle to recharge within a longer time period (e.g. 1-3 hours). Destination charging generally encourages a longer dwell time meaning more time for EV drivers to visit Dubbo Region’s cafes, pubs, hotels and retail stores.

Dubbo Regional Council has recently installed EV destination charging stations at the following location(s) with support of the NSW Government’s NSW Electric Vehicle Destination Charging Grants:

  1. Wellington Library, 99 Percy St (Mitchell Highway) Wellington NSW
    2 x 22 kW destination charging stations
  2. Wellington Caves, Caves Road (off Mitchell Highway) Wellington NSW
    2 x 22 kW destination charging stations


What type of EV destination charging station has been installed at each location?
2 x 22kW EV Box Business Line chargers with a type 2 socket (or power point).

Are there dedicated parking bays?
Yes. Wellington Library has 4 x ‘EV charging only’ parking bays. Wellington Caves has 2 x ‘EV charging only’ parking bays.

Is a cable required?
Yes, bring your own Type 2 cable.

What do the EV charging stations cost to use?
The cost of use/electricity is free.

What times are the EV charging stations available?
24/7, but opening times of the Council facility vary.

Is the electricity renewable?
Yes, the EV charging stations are powered by 100% renewable electricity (Green Power).

How do you operate the EV charging stations?
To operate the EV charging stations download a copy of the Smart Charge app (Council’s nominated software provider). Once the App has been downloaded visitors will be asked to register an account with Smart Charge.

What amenities are available?
Wellington Library offers many amenities for travellers including library, public toilets, wheelchair access, Wi-Fi.
Wellington Caves offers many amenities for travellers including a Visitor Experiences Centre with café, gallery, public toilets, wheelchair access and Wi-Fi. In addition to Cave Tours, Discovery Lab, Overnight Accommodation, and Venue Hire.

What attractions are nearby and in walking distance?
Wellington Library adjoins beautiful Cameron Park including playground and amenities and is only a short walk to many shops, cafes and pubs.
Wellington Caves complex adjoins the Wellington Golf Club and Wellington Osawano Japanese Gardens.

How do I find the EV charging stations online?
Visit either the Smart Charge or Plug Share websites and search the address.

The EV charging station isn’t working, what do I do?
Smart Charge, Council’s chosen electric vehicle charging station software provider, offers 24/7 assistance.

How do I find out further information?
For further information on the EV charging stations please contact Council’s Organisational Sustainability Coordinator on 02 6801 4000.

Last Edited: 27 Feb 2024

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