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There are a number of local land use strategies which guide the future growth and development in the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government area.

Land use strategies

The Dubbo Urban Areas Development Strategy (UADS) and Rural Areas Development Strategy (RADS) were adopted in 1996 following extensive research and public consultation. The UADS and RADS form the basis for the land use zoning and planning controls in the Dubbo Regional Local Environmental Plan 2022 (PDF 526.8KB).

dubbo urban areas development strategy

The Dubbo Urban Areas Development Strategy is made up of the following strategies:


The Dubbo Rural Areas Development Strategy is made up of the following strategies:

urban release area strategies

The Dubbo Regional Local Environmental Plan 2022 defines a number of key Urban Release Areas for the provision of future residential, commercial and industrial development.

The Dubbo Urban Release Areas map can be found in the Dubbo Regional Local Environmental Plan 2022 (PDF 526.8KB)


Residential Release Strategies

Residential Release strategies for the South East Dubbo Residential Release Strategy (PDF 740.9KB)and the West Dubbo Residential Release Strategy (PDF 1MB) were adopted by Council in March 2011. The Residential Release strategies are designed to provide a greater level of detail and certainty as to the timing and level of residential development in west and south-east Dubbo.

The Residential Release strategies provide the appropriate mechanisms and controls to ensure orderly residential development having regard to:

  • The location of lands
  • Environmental capability of lands
  • Effective provision of required infrastructure
  • Proximity to community service facilities and employment networks
  • Development to be undertaken in a staged manner reflecting market aspirations and the needs of the community
  • Affordable housing opportunities.


Housing roadmap


flood planning

dubbo mining areas land use strategy and coal seam gas position statement

The Dubbo Mining Areas Land Use Strategy and Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Position Statement were adopted by Council in April 2015.  

The Strategy promotes growth in the mining and associated technology and services industries, whilst also aiming to ensure the impacts of mining are adequately managed to maintain the unique quality of life residents enjoy and the environmental values of the Dubbo Local Government Area.

The CSG Position Statement confirms Council’s position in respect of the issue of CSG extraction and outlines the core principles to be applied in any Council assessment of CSG development proposals in the future.


Camp Road Structure Plan (PDF 1.8MB)

Last Edited: 31 Oct 2023

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