Road and Footpath Maintenance

Road Maintenance

Roads and footpaths located in the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area are managed by various governing bodies. Find out more about reporting potholes, footpath damage or damage to State roads by expanding the sections below.


Dubbo Regional Council maintains 1,373 km of sealed and 1,335 km of unsealed local roads.

There are three categories of roads in New South Wales: State, Regional and Local roads. Each is the responsibility of and funded by varying government agencies.

Major arterial links through the State in major urban areas. Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is responsible for their upkeep.

Secondary roads are between State roads and Local roads. Council is responsible for funding, determining priorities and carrying out works. Dubbo Regional Council receives assistance from the NSW State Government to support their upkeep.

Provide local circulation and access. Council is responsible for funding, determining priorities and carrying out works.


Council crews have been busy patching potholes and welcomes the community’s assistance in locating any that have emerged recently.

Council can only be held liable when it is aware of a defect or hazard and does not take action to rectify the situation.

Council as a roads authority, is entitled to immunity under the Civil Liability Act 2002 for defects in the road for which they have no actual knowledge. In particular, Council relies on the immunity provisions pursuant to S45 (1) of the aforementioned Act:

45 Special non-feasance protection for roads authority
A roads authority is not liable for civil liability to which this Part applies for harm arising from a failure for the authority to carry out road work, or to consider carrying out road work, unless at the time of the alleged failure the authority had actual knowledge of the particular risk the materialisation of which resulted in the harm.

If you would like to report a pothole and/or other road damage you can submit your report through DRC&ME, access the portal here DRC&ME Portal 

If you wish to submit a claim against Dubbo Regional Council, please view Council's dedicated webpage Claim Against Council for more information.

Council will investigate pothole damage. If it is an urgent safety issue, the area will be made safe as soon as possible. Work will be prioritised according to safety, other considerations and then scheduled in accordance with the availability of staffing resources.


 Council repairs public footpaths that are a trip hazard.

Telstra is responsible for repairs to Telstra pits on footpaths. If you notice a trip hazard caused by a Telstra pit, contact Telstra on 13 22 03 or please complete Telstra’s online form Report Damage to Telstra Equipment

If you would like to report footpath damage to Dubbo Regional Council, a report can be submitted through DRC&ME, access the portal here DRC&ME Portal. Simply log in and click on the 'Roads & Footpaths' tile.


State roads, such as the Newell or Golden highways, are owned and managed by TfNSW. If you have feedback concerning State roads please contact the Transport Management Centre on 131 700 or submit an online form at TfNSW's dedicated webpage Feedback Form

Last Edited: 18 Mar 2022

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