Development Control Plan

The Local Environmental Plan (LEP) does not normally provide detailed guidance with regard to specific development design and location. This detail is provided via a Development Control Plan (DCP). Generally the purpose of a DCP is to indicate to developers what level of detail is required with certain types of applications and what standards are sought with the design of certain developments.

The Dubbo Development Control Plan (PDF 13.4MB) came into effect on 6 May 2013 and applies to the former Dubbo City Council Local Government Area.

The 2023-2027 Community Participation Plan was adopted on 15 February 2024. A copy of the Strategy can be downloaded from A-Z Strategies. The Community Participation Plan 2023-2027 has repealed the following:

  • Dubbo Development Control Plan 2013, Chapter 1.2 Notification of Development; and
  • Wellington Development Control Plan 2013 Chapter A11 Notification and Advertising of Development Applications.


North-West Urban Release Area - Development Control Plan - Stage 1 (PDF 3.7MB)

North-West Urban Release Area - Development Control Plan - Master Plan (PDF 139.7MB)

Bunglegumbie Road - Development Control Plan (PDF 961.6KB)

Area Plan 1 - Dubbo Residential Estate

Area Plan 2 - Magnolia Grove Estate

Bindari Heights - Development Control Plan (PDF 1.3MB)

Clearmont Rise - Development Control Plan (PDF 4.8MB)

Daisy Hill - Development Control Plan (PDF 1.6MB)

Kintyre Heights - Development Control Plan

Sheraton Road Development Control Plan

Southlakes Estate - Development Control Plan (PDF 1.8MB)

1R Old Dubbo Road, Dubbo - Development Control Plan (PDF 1.2MB)

The Wellington Development Control Plan (PDF 1.7MB) came into effect on 1 July 2013 and applies to the former Wellington Council Local Government Area.


Last Edited: 22 Mar 2024

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