A-Z plans and strategies

Council produces a range of strategies and plans to guide our City's future growth and development. 

These documents are produced with extensive community consultation and influence Council’s decision making, planning, and determine where resources should be focused.

2017-2020 Dubbo Regional Council Disability Inclusion Action Plan (pdf 1.3MB)
Council's Disability Inclusion Action Plan for 2017-2020
2020 Cultural Plan (pdf 17.2MB)
The 2020 Cultural Plan will ensure that DRC can commit to policy-making based on a solid foundation; developed with, and responding to community and stakeholder feedback, with transparent processes for reporting, monitoring, and review.
2021-2027 Dubbo Regional Council Customer Experience Strategy (pdf 17.3MB)
The purpose of this strategy is to inform you, our customers, about how the teams and individuals across council are going to work to deliver seamless experiences for residents, businesses and our communities. Council’s first Customer Experience Strategy aims to embody a practical roadmap including learnings from recent reviews which will ensure continual improvement to our customer experiences in the future.
CBD Precincts Plan (pdf 2.9MB)
Adopted precincts plan for the Dubbo CBD
Dubbo Crime Prevention Plan 2011 - 2014 (pdf 302.6KB)
Dubbo Crime Prevention Plan 2011 - 2014
Investment Strategy (pdf 271.1KB)
Having outlined the framework for investing in the Investment Policy, this document sets out current market conditions, how Council is responding to structure its investment portfolio, realistic objectives for the investment portfolio and risk management.
Section 94 Development Contributions Plan for Dubbo Open Space and Recreation Facilities - 2016-2026 (PDF 1.5MB)
Council has identified a range of land acquisition, parkland and sporting facility expansion and related embellishment that is be required to support the growth of Dubbo.
Wellington Town Centre Plan (pdf 25.3MB)
Wellington Town Centre Plan


A number of other strategies are in place across different functions of Council. New and amended strategies will be included here as adopted by Council.

Last Edited: 18 Aug 2021

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