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Council produces a range of strategies and plans to guide our Region's future growth and development. A number of other strategies are in place across different functions of Council, new and amended strategies will be included here as adopted by Council.

These documents are produced with extensive community consultation and influence Council’s decision making, planning, and determine where resources should be focused.

2018 DRC Open Space Masterplan (PDF 18.6MB)
DRC is the focal point in the central west for employment, cultural and recreational opportunities. The Open Space Masterplan 2018 sets a framework for incorporating anticipated growth into public networks.
2020 Cultural Plan (pdf 17.2MB)
The 2020 Cultural Plan will ensure that DRC can commit to policy-making based on a solid foundation; developed with, and responding to community and stakeholder feedback, with transparent processes for reporting, monitoring, and review.
2020 Dubbo Regional Council Dubbo Transportation Strategic Plan (pdf 5.6MB)
The 2020 Dubbo Transportation Strategic Plan aims at reducing traffic congestion within Dubbo Central Business District (CBD), facilitate booming Residential Development and open up new regions for Commercial and Industrial development within Dubbo Region and her environs. Efficiency and conducive business opportunity have been the key ingredients towards 2020 strategic innovation plan.
2020-2024 Dubbo Regional Council Water Supply and Sewerage Customer Service Plan (pdf 4.6MB)
The purpose of this document is to describe Dubbo Regional Council’s (Council) customer services and responsibilities in accordance with the legislative framework for Local Government Water Utilities in NSW.
2020-2025 Dubbo Regional Council Energy Strategy & Implementation Plan (PDF 3.3MB)
The Dubbo Regional Council Energy Strategy and Implementation Plan is designed to support and guide Council in reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency, increasing the use and adoption of renewable energy resources and sustainable transport while taking into account the needs and desires of a growing community. The Strategy and Implementation Plan also seeks to support the local community in becoming energy smart.
2020-2030 Dubbo Regional Council Recreation Strategy (PDF 9.9MB)
The aim of this strategy is to set out how Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) will improve recreational opportunities over the next 10 years. his strategy guides future planning and delivery of recreation to ensure that our community has access healthy and vibrant lifestyles in DRC.
2021-2023 Dubbo Regional Council Aboriginal Employment Strategy (pdf 2.3MB)
The Aboriginal Employment Strategy allows Dubbo Regional Council to build a foundation to increase opportunities for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander members of the community, support and encourage our existing employees, whilst at all times ensuring our actions are aligned with Council’s Vision, Purpose & Values. Part of this strategy will give respect to local Aboriginal cultural protocols.
2021-2027 Dubbo Regional Council Customer Experience Strategy (pdf 17.3MB)
The purpose of this strategy is to inform you, our customers, about how the teams and individuals across council are going to work to deliver seamless experiences for residents, businesses and our communities. Council’s first Customer Experience Strategy aims to embody a practical roadmap including learnings from recent reviews which will ensure continual improvement to our customer experiences in the future.
2022 - 2025 Dubbo Regional Council Disability Inclusion Action Plan (pdf 2.3MB)
Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) through the provision of the 2022 - 2025 Dubbo Regional Council Disability Inclusion Action Plan has been committed to striving for an inclusive society and region and advocating for equal rights for all within our communities
2022 Dubbo Regional Council Zero Emissions Fleet Strategy and Implementation Plan (PDF 1.6MB)
The Dubbo Regional Council Zero Emission Fleet (ZEF) Strategy and Implementation Plan is designed to support and guide Council in reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with its fleet operations.
2022 Smart Region Strategy (pdf 3.1MB)
Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) have developed this Smart Region Strategy (Strategy) to guide the adoption of technology, data, and innovation as the Dubbo Region (the Region) pursues greater prosperity, connection, wellbeing, and sustainability.
CBD Precincts Plan (pdf 2.9MB)
The CBD Precincts Plan brings together community and stakeholder views and ideas on what our CBD is and what it should be into the future. The Plan is the result of the ”Ignite Our Centre” public engagement campaign, which gave everyone in the community the opportunity to have their say about what they want and need from our Centre.
Investment Strategy (pdf 660KB)
Having outlined the framework for investing in the Investment Policy, this document sets out current market conditions, how Council is responding to structure its investment portfolio, realistic objectives for the investment portfolio and risk management.
Section 94 Development Contributions Plan for Dubbo Open Space and Recreation Facilities - 2016-2026 (PDF 1.5MB)
Council has identified a range of land acquisition, parkland and sporting facility expansion and related embellishment that is be required to support the growth of Dubbo.
Tree Preservation Order Significant Tree Register 2023 (pdf 13.4MB)
The updated Tree Preservation Order and Significant Tree Register was adopted in April 2023. The document continues to provide protection of public trees (and those listed on private land that appear on the Significant Tree Register) through to March 2024.
Wellington Street Tree Masterplan 2023 (pdf 14MB)
Adopted in April 2023, The Wellington Street Master Plan was prepared with the assistance of Urban Forest Consulting who was involved in the drafting of the Dubbo Street Tree Master Plan 2016. The master plan is a strategic tree management document focused on improving the health and canopy coverage of the town.
Wellington Town Centre Plan (pdf 25.3MB)
The Wellington Town Centre Plan provides a strategic framework to re-vitalise the Town Centre and establish a vision for its future. The key aim of the Plan is to create a safe, attractive and vibrant Town Centre for the future.

Last Edited: 23 May 2023

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