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Dubbo Regional Council is responsible for 1,520 km of sealed and 1,356km of unsealed roads. Across these roads Council is responsible for funding, determining priorities and carrying out works. Council maintain all the local and rural roads within the local government area, for more information on Council maintained roads visit our dedicated webpage Road and Footpath Maintenance

This page will show community members the upcoming works scheduled by Councils Infrastructure and Delivery team.

The works are planned works but are subject to change without notice. Please be mindful of speed restrictions and temporary lane closures while works are underway to keep all road users and workers safe. Adverse weather can delay any scheduled works. 

The page will be updated on a fortnightly basis on a Wednesday, following the meeting of the Infrastructure Delivery team. 


This fortnight of works Tuesday 18th June, 2024 to Monday, 1st July, 2024 may change without notice due to weather or emergencies.

  • Maintenance Grading – Dubbo area - Mendooran Road, West Terramungamine Road, Glen Ayr Road, Marthona Road
  • Maintenance Grading – Wellington area - Kildara Road, Catombel Road, Hidden Valley Road, Uamby Road, Uungula Road
  • Construction Work – Wellington area - Rural Pothole patching Burrendong Way & Renshaw McGirr Way, Burrendong Way Curves (Safer Roads Project), Eulalie Lane Rehab Stage 1
  • Construction Work - Dubbo area - Heavy Patching Mendooran Road, Yarrandale Road re-seal Linemarking, River Street West Stockpile site construction.


The following are recently completed works in 2024; 

  • Wheelers Lane Stage 2 Rehab, Dubbo
  • Burrendong Way Curves (Rehab) some locations, Wellington
  • Gisborne Street Shoulders, Wellington
  • Tamworth Street Rehab Works
  • Duke of Wellington Bridge footpath access

FAQs - How do I know if works with have changes to traffic or road closures?

Dubbo Regional Council keep up to date information on all road closures on our website and on the Live Traffic NSW website.

To find out more about road closures and changes visit Council's dedicated webpage; Road Closures 

FAQs - Why do emergencies affect the works schedule?

Dubbo Regional Council play a role in natural disaster and emergencies, which means staff can be re-tasked to assist with works that need to occur. Staff working on the roads are usually those same staff that are tasked to emergency situations. As a result of this, works on the scheduled list are placed on hold until the emergency is finalised.

Reporting Damage: Should you wish to report damage on our roads, please visit DRC&Me or contact our Customer Experience Team on 6801 4000.


Dubbo Regional Council will be undertaking its annual bitumen Resealing Program on urban and rural sealed road networks across Dubbo and Wellington from November 2023 until April 2024.

To find out more about prioritised roads and frequently asked questions visit Council's dedicated YourSay page; Dubbo Region | Annual Road Reseal Program 

Last Edited: 20 Jun 2024

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