Wellington/Bodangora Airport

The Wellington Aerodrome and Recreation Park, also known as Bodangora Airport, is owned and operated by Dubbo Regional Council.

People looking to land or house their small planes at Wellington/Bodangora Airport, including local residents and visitors can obtain permission to use the airport by contacting Dubbo Regional Airport (02) 6801 4560 or email airport@dubbo.nsw.gov.au.


Landing fees at Wellington / Bodangora Airport are applicable as per Council’s adopted fees and charges at Integrated Planning and Reporting.

Operators of Recreational Aircraft can register with Avdata by calling 02 6262 8111.

No direct approaches - circuit entry only refer to AIP/ERSA (FAC - YWEL) for Aerodrome information. Click here to be directed to the Aeronautical Information Package.

Regular inspections are carried out by Council, however special inspections can be arranged as per Council’s adopted fees and charges at Integrated Planning and Reporting.

For event bookings please complete and return Wellington Aerodrome and Recreation Park Event Application and Booking Form (PDF 646.8KB)

All enquiries please contact Dubbo Regional Airport (02) 6801 4560 or email airport@dubbo.nsw.gov.au. For emergencies call 000.


  • Aeroclub Club House
  • Aeroclub Shed



  • Latitude - 32° 28'S
  • Latitude - 148° 59'E
  • Height of Runway above mean sea level; 426 M (1,400')
  • World Aeronautical Chart (WAC) No: 345


  • 13/31 - Length 1500m Width 60m
  • 05/23 - Length 900m Width 45m - 2% average incline to North
  • Stock fence 30m from centre line on runway 05/23 (Western End - North Side)
  • Hills in circuit area affect night landing approaches
  • 80m Guy Wired Steel Lattice Mast - Long 149.06206 - Lat 32.39131
  • Strip 05 - Not suitable for departures due to rising terrain


  • 13/31 - Sealed 15m wide - gravel shoulders 3m wide
  • 05/23 - Unsealed central gravel strip 10m wide both directions

Runway Lighting

  • Solar runway lighting is available on runway 13/31


  • No Fuel on site

Last Edited: 30 May 2024

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