Driveways, Footpaths and Landscaping

Construction within Road reserves

To undertake construction work (including footpath landscaping) within or adjacent to a Council road reserve, you must first seek Council approval.

Applications can be lodged online, please visit the DRC&ME Portal to apply. Simply log in or register to proceed. Alternatively, download Dubbo Regional Council's Road Opening Application Form:

Section 138 - Approval to Erect Structures and Perform Works on a Road or Footpath

Note: this process does not apply to authorised utility service providers (Telstra, Essential Energy, etc).

All construction activities (apart from footpath landscaping - see below) that occur within or immediately adjacent to a Council road reserve must be undertaken by contractors accredited by Council.

Construction (including modification or repair) of the following must only be undertaken by accredited contractors:

  • Footpath driveways crossings with concrete, asphalt or segmental pavers
  • Rural road vehicular accesses
  • Driveway concrete crossover slabs
  • Footpath resurfacing with asphalt, concrete or segmental pavers
  • Groundwater monitoring bores
  • Private irrigation/water supply pipelines

Approval procedure for construction activities (excluding footpath landscaping):

  1. You must lodge a Road Opening Application with the appropriate application fee two weeks prior to when you plan to start the proposed work. Applications must include name of subcontractor (must be accredited), traffic control plan and engineering plans (where applicable)
  2. You must lodge a separate Road Closure Application with the appropriate application fee six weeks prior to the start of work if a temporary closure of a road to traffic is planned
  3. You must pay a Road Restoration Fee and/or securities bond prior to the start of works (where applicable).  

Contractor accreditation process

Contractors are able to apply for accreditation at any time. Those wishing to be accredited must apply to Council via the Contractor Accreditation application form. Should the application be approved, the contractor must then sign an agreement to comply with a list of standard conditions.

Download a Contractor Accreditation Application Form:

Application Form Contractor Accreditation

 Download Council's Road Opening Policy Fact Sheet:

Fact Sheet Road Opening Policy

 Footpath Landscaping

Council may permit a footpath “landscaping” activity to be undertaken by an individual (or their subcontractor) if the individual owns the adjacent property or has consent from the owner of the adjacent property.

Council supports residents in providing an alternative to a mown grass footpath, at their own cost, because:

  • Some residents are unable to maintain (mow) a grassed footpath
  • There may be cost savings and environmental advantages
  • It provides residents with landscaping options.

 Footpath landscaping activities (which Council may permit to be undertaken by an individual or their subcontractor) include the following:

  1. Footpath resurfacing with garden beds, mulch and gravel
  2. Installing pop-up sprinkler irrigation systems
  3. Installing (and maintaining) house stormwater pipes
  4. Planting footpath trees (in consultation with and under the direction of Council’s Manager Manager Recreation and Open Space Ian McAlister - phone 6801 4000)

 Approval procedure for footpath landscaping activities:

  1. You must lodge a Footpath Landscaping Permit application form prior to the start of works
  2. Applications must include a sketch of the proposed works (with dimensions and preferably to scale showing front property boundary, driveways, kerb and gutter, existing power poles, street lights, utility service pits, etc as well as the proposed landscaping) and evidence of your Dial Before You Dig enquiry
  3. Footpath landscaping work must comply with Council’s Footpath Landscaping Guidelines
  4. Should an application be approved, the applicant must agree to keep the footpath landscaping work well maintained and in safe condition at all times.

 Download a Footpath Landscaping Permit Application Form:

Application Form Footpath Landscaping (PDF 540.3KB)

Download Council's Footpath Landscaping Guidelines and Drawing:

Footpath Landscaping Guidelines

Footpath Landscaping Drawing

Street Trees

 Any pruning, removal or relocation of an existing footpath tree (or its roots) must only be carried out in consultation with and under the direction of Council’s Manager Recreation and Open Space Ian McAlister - phone 6801 4000.

Last Edited: 30 Nov 2021

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