The Dubbo area’s diverse biology is typical of the Western Plains of NSW.

In the days before European settlement, this included:

  • Large areas of open grassy woodland which supplied excellent grazing for mobs of kangaroos, wallabies and emus 
  • Forested rivers, creeks and wetlands which offered respite and refuge for both animals and humans during the heat of summer and drought
  • Volcanic slopes that provided a range of habitats and soil types which promoted diverse plant growth and provided a range of habitats for animals.

Why not visit the Dubbo Regional Botanic Garden - Biodiversity Garden in Dubbo to see this diversity recreated in a small space?

A useful introduction to common bird species found in and around Dubbo is the Birds of the Backyards of Dubbo (PDF 1.1MB) brochure.

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Last Edited: 06 Dec 2021

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