Dubbo Regional Local Environmental Plan 2022

The Dubbo Regional Local Environmental Plan 2022 was gazetted on 25 March 2022.

The Dubbo Regional Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2022 is a statutory document that guides land use planning and development.

The Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area previously had two Local Environmental Plans, being the Dubbo Local Environmental Plan 2011 and the Wellington Local Environment Plan 2012. These two LEPs have been consolidated into the Dubbo Regional Local Environmental Plan 2022.

The Plan consists of a written document and a series of associated maps, including as follows:

  • Land Application Map
  • Land Reservation Acquisition Map
  • Land Zoning Map
  • Lot Size Map
  • Heritage Map
  • Natural Resource – Biodiversity Map
  • Urban Release Area Map
  • Natural Resource – Water Map, Natural Resource – Groundwater Vulnerability Map
  • Flood Planning Map
  • Land Reclassification (Part Lots) Map
  • Additional Permitted Uses Map


As the LEP is a statutory document approved by the NSW Minister for Planning and Environment, a copy of it and its related maps can be downloaded from the NSW Planning Portal Spatial Viewer.

Hard copies are available for viewing and purchase at Council’s Civic Administration Building in Church Street, during normal office hours.


All land in the Dubbo Region has been provided with a specific land use zone as included in the Plan. Land use zones are broadly characterised in the following way:

  • Rural
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Special Use
  • Open Space
  • Environmental

Land use zones included in the Plan are prepared based on the requirements and expectations of the community through land use strategies. The role of a land use strategy is to work with the community to set a long-term strategic vision of how a certain area/s in the Region should look over time.


All land use activities in Dubbo are guided by the LEP. Land use activities are specified in the Plan, as follows:

  • Permitted without consent (an approval is not required to be obtained from Council or an Accredited Certifier*)
  • Permitted with consent (an approval is required to be obtained from Council or an Accredited Certifier*)
  • Prohibited (an approval shall not be granted for the development).

Information on how you can apply to amend the LEP can be found here.


Employment zones will commence within the Dubbo Regional Local Environmental Plan 2022 on 26 April 2023.

From 26 April 2023 onwards, a reference to a Business or Industrial zone is taken to include a reference to a new Employment zone. To determine the new zone, please refer to the table below:

Current Business and Industrial Zones
Employment Zones
B1 Neighbourhood Centre
B2 Local Centre
E1 Local Centre
Dubbo Central Business District (B3 Commercial Core)
Wellington Town Centre (B2 Local Centre)
E2 Commercial Centre
B4 Mixed Use
MU1 Mixed Use
B5 Business Development
B6 Enterprise Corridor
B7 Business Park
E3 Productivity Support
IN1 General Industrial
IN2 Light Industrial
E4 General Industrial
IN3 Heavy Industrial
E5 Heavy Industrial



The aim of these fact sheets is to provide guidance on the interpretation of the LEP, ensure our community understands the general requirements for development, and ensure our community provides adequate information to explain the proposal and likely impacts when submitting a development applications.

We encourage you to discuss your proposal with Council’s Duty Planner or Building Officer. This is a free service, available via phone (02) 6801 4000 or in-person at our Customer Experience Centres between 1pm to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday by booking an appointment. Enquiries can also be sent via email to council@dubbo.nsw.gov.au


The former Dubbo Local Environmental Plan 2011, Wellington Local Environmental Plan 2012, Dubbo Local Environmental Plan 1998 – Urban Areas, Dubbo Local Environment Plan 1997 – Rural Areas and Wellington Local Environmental Plan 1995 can also be found at Repealed Legislation - NSW Legislation.

Last Edited: 14 Aug 2023

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