City and economic development

Dubbo Regional Council takes a very holistic approach to economic development growth and expansion. This involves supporting the attraction of new investment via business, events, visitors and new residents; and also development of existing businesses, expansion of industries, workforce, events and destination experiences (including tourism).

A diverse and thriving economy

Dubbo is the largest city in the LGA and the Orana Region with an impressive economic profile

Population growth

Population is a key driver in economic growth. Valid projections on the demand for hard and soft infrastructure supply is an important resource to support Council’s application for funding for new business in the region as well as important new capital and maintenance proposals.  

A Plan for Economic Development

The 2016/2017 LGA Economic Development Plan includes specific economic development related activities and projects that are within Council’s adopted Delivery Plan. It also includes broader work programs and operational services that will be developed, maintained and strengthened in the 2016-2017 period to support economic growth across the LGA.

The Plan identifies key outcomes areas within 10 strategic themes. Progress of the Economic Development Action Plan is reported to Council and LGA stakeholders on quarterly basis.

Why invest in the region?


Last Edited: 16 Jan 2017

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