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Find people you can count on and a lifestyle you love.

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What are you looking for from work and life?

To make a real difference? To find variety? To test yourself, grow and progress?

To find a place and a team where you belong?

At Dubbo Regional Council, you can find all this and more.

Find purpose and impact

Everything you do at Dubbo Regional Council makes a difference.

It’ll always be that way. But right here, right now, we’re at the heart of some big change that will shape the future.

Our people care deeply about serving and strengthening our community. We work for 55,000 residents and 1.65 million people who visit our region each year.

Sometimes, it can seem like small, everyday things.

It’s the bins, the potholes, the permits, the clean water that comes out of the tap. But you’ll soon see how important those things are, and how much work goes into keeping our region safe, growing and enjoyable for all.

At DRC, everyone plays a part in making it happen. So, whether you’re on the frontline providing essential services or supporting progress from behind the scenes, you’ll know that your work really does mean something, for so many people, in so many ways.

It’s also the really big stuff.

Dubbo’s location and size mean we have a major role to play in shaping the future of our state, the country and the world. The DRC team is at the heart and the start of so much of the change that lies ahead. Want an example? How about the energy transition. We’re proud to be home to the Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone – the first designated clean-energy zone in Australia. That means a once-in-a-generation opportunity to use our collective skills, expertise and innovative thinking to shape the future of clean energy.

We have many other cutting-edge projects and infrastructure advancements underway or on the horizon. So, we need your fresh ideas and perspectives more than ever. Join us, and help drive real change for communities here and well beyond.

Find personal and professional growth

You’ll find so much variety at Dubbo Regional Council. We’re doing diverse, high-impact work at scale. For you, that means plenty of opportunity to develop your skills and future career.

Our people tell us that at Council, no two days are the same. Many say they enjoy the varied work, the interesting challenges and the opportunity to grow as a result.

In a council like ours, there really is something for everyone. There’s never been a better time to join DRC.

We’re working on innovative, game-changing projects and developments, which means experience and exposure that are hard to find elsewhere. Much of this work is being delivered at a large scale and with great complexity. Take the Critical Minerals Hub, for example - the first of its kind in Australia. Or our first fully-electric zero-turn mower as part of our ground-breaking Zero Emissions Fleet Strategy.

It’s simple, really. We’re big enough for you to access broad and interesting work, and small enough that you’ll be close to the action and never pigeonholed.

How do you want to grow? What do you want to achieve?

Maybe you’re looking to find new ways to make our parks, roads, outdoor spaces and cultural attractions even better. Or perhaps you’d like to be at the forefront of major economic innovation.

Whatever your goal, we hope to help you test your skills, grow as a professional and a person, and shape a career that never gets stale.

Earlier on in your career? Build strong foundations with us.

Council is an excellent place to get ‘up close and stuck in’ to some really impressive work. And you’ll find many approachable, down-to-earth leaders who genuinely want you to succeed and thrive. So, whether you want to build a long-term career with us or do great work, then take your learnings elsewhere, we want your time with us to truly count - for our community and for you.

Find people you can count on and a lifestyle you love

Your career matters but so does your life outside of work. Here, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Come achieve and grow in a great place to live and work, with people who truly care.

Here’s the thing. At DRC, you’ll achieve incredible impact and enjoy a rewarding, stimulating career ... and you’ll do it in a place where connection, balance and life at home really matter.

Let’s start with the place.

Working and living in the Dubbo Region offers you ‘the best of both worlds’. Our people say that here, they enjoy a richer, more family-friendly lifestyle than they’ve found elsewhere. A vibrant, friendly place that’s more affordable, with less traffic and commotion but so much to get on with and do.

Just an hour’s flight from Sydney, you’ll find everything you need for a fulfilled life. There’s plenty to see and do, from Taronga Western Plains Zoo and Wellington Caves to Old Dubbo Gaol and the Burrendong Botanic Garden and Arboretum. Add in our state-of-the-art sporting and cultural facilities and events – such as the Barden Park Athletics Centre of Excellence and Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre – and you’ll soon see why more and more people choose to call our region ‘home’.

The real difference?

The people, the culture and a better balance.

At DRC, we hope you’ll find a great place to belong. You’ll be treated as a whole person, not a number. And you’ll work alongside a team of kind, hard-working people united by wanting to do what’s right for their community. Our teams give a lot and take their roles seriously. But here, it’s not all about work. Every one of us wants the same as you – to get the most out of the opportunity and the life we have. That’s why DRC offers you a range of benefits that help you bring your best to our community.

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Last Edited: 08 May 2024

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