Sister City student exchange program

 DUBBO'S Sister Cities

 Dubbo has formal Sister City relationships with two international cities and two Australian cities:

  • Minokamo , Japan (June 1989)  
  • Wujiang, China (June 1995) 
  • Newcastle, NSW (March 1995)
  • A friendship link with Warringah, Sydney was established in October 1994.

Sister City relations bring excellent mutual benefits in the areas of trade, tourism and cultural exchange. 

On a global level, the Sister City program is generally recognised as an important means to build international goodwill and to further global social and economic development based on co-operation at the local level.

Sister City Student Exchange Program

Dubbo Regional Council runs a reciprocal student exchange program with our two Asian sister cities, Minokamo and Wujiang. Each year in July and August, Dubbo welcomes students and chaperones (4) from Minokamo (10 students) and Wujiang (15 students) to Dubbo for the annual student exchange visit. While in the September school holiday two groups of specially selected Dubbo high school students (18) and their chaperones (4) visit Japan and China as our city representatives on the sister city student exchange.    

The advantages of Council’s sister city student exchanges when compared to other overseas trips for students and chaperone leaders are:

  • Its very affordable - in 2016 the cost to each participant for at 10-12 day stay was between $2,300 - $2,500 plus spending money.
  • Unique travel opportunities as all participants live with a local family in Minokamo and Wujiang and attend school with their host student, immersing them in the local culture.    
  • Dubbo Regional Council has several years experiences in organising reciprocal exchanges; is responsible for all aspects of the visit including travel arrangements and provides the successful applicants with cultural and language training prior to their exchange visit.
  • It also offers the Dubbo exchange participants and local families the opportunity to home host students and chaperones from Minokamo and Wujiang when they visit Dubbo in July and August.
  • Minokamo exchange includes side trips around Tokyo city and to Tokyo Disneyland. The Wujiang exchange includes a day trip around Shanghai and a three day visit to Beijing (includes trip to great wall, Ming Dynasty Tomb and Forbidden city).   

 "The exchange was such an eye opening experience, I feel so lucky to have been a part of the trip.  The friendships and memories made in Japan are absoulutely unforgettable and I would strongly recommend the exchange to anyone.  2016 Minokamo Student - Georgia Benton-Bryant

"The Wujiang exchange program to China is exceptional and has been the highlight of my time in high school.  The experience I had changed my life, not only did I visit an incredible country, but I gained much more confidence and made great friendships with my Chinese students.  I feel so privileged to have this opportunity and I have made memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life."  2016 Wujiang Student - Jackie Bailey

"The exchange to Japan was amazing.  The hospitality of the Japanese people was almost overwhelming as they are incredibly kind and generous.  I felt so welcomed by my host family in Minokamo (our sister city) and experienced many things Japan had to offer, not only through my host family but also from the lovely guides.  Tokyo was also a highlight as you get to see some of the best attractions Japan has to offer.  It is an experience I will never forget."  2016 Minokamo Student - Clare Noonan

"The Wujiang student exchange program was an unforgettable and incredible experience.  I gained many lifelong friendships and it gave me a hands on insight of the China Culture.  The Chinese people were very welcoming and accommodating.  I would like to thank the Dubbo City Council for making this happen and I will treasure this opportunity forever."   2016 Wujiang Exchange Student - Claudia Morrison

"Visiting China was an amazing experience.  The rich and vibrant culture was unbelievable.  The trip certainly enabled our students to see how different and diverse the Chinese culture and way of life is.  It was definitely inspirational and a fantastic opportunity to undertake both as a student and teacher."  2016 Wujiang chaperone - Craig Turner

"You realize how much you are capable of as an adult when you take ten teenagers to Disneyland in a foreign country and return to the hotel thirteen hours later with all ten teenagers, big grins and funny hats.  The sister city exchange with Minokamo was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  Every person we met was accommodating and helpful when we made the odd mistake, and altogether excited to show us their world which was breathtaking (and insanely delicious for every meal time).  The journey was made exponentially less stressful by the great organization from Dubbo and Minokamo and the students we took over who were mature and ready to take on every challenge.  We got to experience a piece of Japan you wouldn't get to on a normal holiday and we made lifelong friends and family." 2016 Minokamo Chaperone - Emily Phimmachanh 


Applications have now closed for the 2017 exchange visits.  This is an annual program so consider applying in 2018.  Online applications will be posted to this sight from beginning of February 2018.   


Last Edited: 06 Mar 2017

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