Sports grounds and facilities

Sporting ovals will remain open today for training except Kennard Park Wellington which will be closed today to try and allow it to dry out before the weekend JRL and Cowboys home games.

There are a few changes and strict conditions that must be followed:

  • Saint John JRLFC training to relocate to Jubilee Oval, Bob Dowling Oval and John McGrath Oval (no training on Katrina Gibbs Oval – one closest to Office works)
  • Junior soccer teams that train on Lady Cutler East to be relocated to Lady Cutler
  • All sporting clubs especially those senior teams training at Apex Oval and Lady Cutler East to avoid wet, bare and muddy area including the soccer goal mouths where possible and the cricket pitch areas
  • All sporting clubs where possible should conduct short sharp drills, fitness and warm ups off the actual playing field


Dubbo, Wellington and Geurie has an extensive range of sports grounds and facilities equipped with world-class features.

For sports ground closures due to weather and maintenance, check the status column in the table below. For confirmation and questions, all parents and players should make contact with their Association. Council has been in contact with all sporting groups.

For bookings and venue hire, please complete the relevant form:
    Council's Sporting Facilities Application form (PDF 260.5KB)
    Council's Sports Ground Online Booking Request form
    Dubbo Region Aquatic Leisure Centres Aquatic Facility Booking Enquiry


Sports Ground Features Status View Map
Apex Oval

1 rugby league / rugby union football field

International Sand Based Playing Field (same standard as other leading stadiums in Australia)
Grandstand and spectator seating for 1340 (including disabled seating) 
Sports field lighting 
4 change rooms
2 function rooms (capacity for 12 and 80 people)
Audio system for facility
2 industrial kitchen/canteen with cool rooms

2 media rooms
Managers room
Referees room
Public toilets
Baby change room
First Aid room
Wifi internet access

OPEN  Map 
Apex Oval (junior fields)

2 and 4 fields

3 senior field  (open for seniors)
1 junior field
Clubhouse (under licence agreement with the Dubbo Junior Rugby League)
Sports field lighting 
Canteen and barbecue area
Additional change rooms
Public toilet facilities

 OPEN  Map 
 Bob Dowling Oval
4 cricket practice nets
4 synthetic cricket pitches
4 touch fields

Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre

(For more information)

1 Olympic size swimming pool
1 leisure pool
1 dual water slide


Barden Park


















International standard facility 
Sports field lighting  
8 lane x 400 metres synthetic track suitable for all track disciplines including steeple chase
10 lane extended front straight suitable for 110 metre hurdle events
7 synthetic runway tracks with convertible pits for sand or mats to accommodate long jump, triple jump and pole vault events
2 international standard throwing cages for discuss and 1 for hammer throw
4 shot put circles
Extended synthetic ‘D’ at southern end for high jump and javelin events
Synthetic javelin runway at northern end
Flood lighting (200 lux) for night events
Extensive grassed warm-up area
Officials room with precise timing and photo finish capacity
Function space for officials/guests
Two-storey grandstand with 598 seats undercover plus additional terrace seating
Disabled seating access
Lift for access to top concourse
Audio system for facility
Wifi internet access
Large canteen/kitchen facilities
Additional spectator mounds at north and south ends for elevated viewing
Flexible space to create accommodation for up to 35 people
Options for segregated change facilities for mixed groups or competing teams
Office space for Athletics Regional Development Officer





Elston Park
(All booking enquiries to Paramount Tennis Club)
5 synthetic tennis courts  OPEN  Map 
John McGrath Oval 2 synthetic cricket pitches
6 touch fields
Amenities and clubhouse


Jubilee Oval

4 softball fields
3 synthetic cricket pitches
2 rugby league/rugby union football fields
Sports field training lights

Hans Claven Oval 2 soccer fields 
Sports field lighting on 1 field
Katrina Gibbs Oval 3 touch football fields
Sports field lighting           
Lady Cutler Oval

4 turf cricket pitches
4 synthetic practice nets
4 soccer fields
Amenities and canteen

Lady Cutler Oval East 2 soccer fields
4 junior soccer fields
Sports field lighting on 2 fields
Lady Cutler Oval South 3 synthetic cricket pitches
8 junior soccer fields
 Nita McGrath 13 sealed netball courts
7 turf netball courts
Amenities and Clubhouse 


Pioneer Park 
(All hockey booking enquiries to Dubbo Hockey Association)
1 synthetic water based hockey playing surface
1 grass hockey playing surface
3 senior soccer fields
2 synthetic cricket pitches


South Dubbo Oval

4 cricket practice net
1 synthetic cricket pitch
1 senior Australian Rules football field
1 junior Australian Rules football field
Amenities and canteen

Victoria Park No. 1 Oval

1 rugby union / rugby league field
1 turf cricket pitch
Cycle track
Sports field lighting
Amenities / grandstand and clubhouse

      OPEN         Map 

Victoria Park No.2 & 3 Ovals

2 rugby union fields
2 turf cricket wickets
Sports field lighting
Amenities and canteen
 OPEN   Map
Victoria Park
Paramount Tennis
(All booking enquiries to Paramount Tennis Club)
12 tennis courts
OPEN   Map 



Kennard Park

Kennard Park is located in Wellington, off Simpson Street, and is home to the Wellington Cowboys and Wellington Rugby Union Club Inc. The Kennard Park Master Plan has been developed with the key stakeholders of the Complex with the intent of improving the facilities to meet the future needs of the Wellington community. Improvements to the playing surface, replacement of the perimeter fencing, construction of an internal fence around the playing field, new scoreboard and improved car parking and amenities are shown. Already a number of significant improvements have been made since the adoption of the Kennard Park Master Plan that have included a renewal of the irrigation system and the reconstruction of the playing surface. This work was completed through a collaborative effort by the Wellington community, Hogs for the Homeless and Dubbo Regional Council.

Kennard Park Master Plan (PDF4.9MB)


Sports Ground Features Status View Map
Bell Park Basketball court  OPEN   
Bicentennial Park  1 Rugby union field   OPEN   
Geurie Swimming Pool
(For more information)
1 25 meter swimming pool
1 leisure pool 


Kennard Park
Rugby league field
Rugby union field
Pioneer Park  Soccer fields
1 turf cricket pitch
1 synthetic cricket pitch
Rygate Park  1 cricket pitch
synthetic netball courts
touch football fields
tennis courts
athletics track
Teamsters Park Tennis courts   OPEN   
Tom Culkin Oval 1 synthetic cricket pitch  OPEN   
Wellington Aquatic Leisure Centre
(For more information) 
1 Olympic size swimming pool
2 children's pools 

 Conditions of use

We appreciate, in advance, your cooperation and understanding of the terms and conditions for using Council's sporting facilities:

General Conditions
1. Council requires user groups/users to provide their Risk Assessment and Public Liability Insurance Policy by way of a Certificate of Currency (minimum $20,000,000) at least seven days prior to training, competition or an event.
2. Event organisers are responsible for conducting their own risk assessment of Council's Parks and Gardens and submit a risk management plan to Council at lease seven days prior to the event.
3. Signage for Temporary Events must comply with the following in accordance with the relevant legislation*:
    a. One banner and one sign with a total combined area of less than 6m2 is permitted offsite.
    b. Off-site signage must:
    - not be placed in residential areas,
    - not be placed on any public land or assets,
    - not be permanently fixed,
    - not incorporated any illumination, bill posters, or bunting,
    - have land owner/occupier consent.
    c.  All signage must not be displayed earlier than 14 days before the event and must be removed within 2 days after the event.
Failure to comply with the above may result in regulatory action and fines being issued.
*relevant legislation - Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1998 and State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008”.

Grounds and Facilities
1. Booking dates and times are to be strictly adhered to.
2. Council must be notified of any updates, changes or cancellations to event or contact details as soon as possible.
3. User groups should take reasonable steps to check that no physical change to the facility/grounds has occurred since the previous use which may have rendered it unplayable.Any such physical change is to be reported to Council as soon as practicable. 
4. Council requests that if you see turf damage happening from training patterns then you are required to move away from that area and train on a different part of the field. Council is asking that you respect other user groups that use the field for their competition and ensure that the playing surface is in the best possible condition throughout the season. 
5. User groups are responsible for inspecting all structures such as goal posts, in-ground sprinklers to ensure the safety of the grounds prior to use. 
6. In the event of wet weather, Council’s Recreation Coordinator (or a representative) will liaise with representatives of affected user groups to determine the fitness for use of any ground.
7. If grounds are open for use by Council then user groups are to make all pre-practice and pre-game inspections and decisions on the grounds prior to use. 
8. No unauthorised vehicles are to be driven on any field or non defined vehicle areas without written approval from Council. 
9. No parking of vehicles is permitted on any grass area without written council approval. 
10. All marquees and signage erected must adhere to Council’s Peg Policy for Sporting Grounds, Parks and Garden. This includes the use of star pickets or pegs bigger then 5mm wide and 200mm long not being permitted. 
11. If user groups wish to engage external vendors/services, such as food vans, it is the responsibility of the user group to ensure the vendor has the appropriate insurances, risk management plans and adheres to the terms and conditions of use for sporting fields.
12. Grounds are to be left in a clean and tidy condition after each use. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in the user group being invoiced for the ‘actual costs’ of litter control. 
13. No smoking is permitted within the facility, grandstand or perimeter fence. It is the responsibility of your user group to ensure that all spectators attending abide by this regulation. 
14. Amenities blocks are to be left in a clean and tidy condition. All taps should be turned off, lights turned off and doors locked. 
15. Upon use of a canteen the user group must leave the canteen clean and tidy to Council standards ready for the next user group. In the case where the canteen needs to be cleaned by Council’s contract cleaner the user group will be invoiced ‘actual costs’ per clean required.
16. No BBQs are to be cooked in designated areas where possible and nor on concrete or asphalt areas without a protective splashback material under the BBQ and against the building. If cleaning of such surfaces is required then ‘actual costs’ will be invoiced to the user group.
17. The use or sale of glass bottles at all grounds is prohibited. It is the responsibility of user groups to ensure that all spectators attending matches abide by this regulation.
18. Prior to the commencement of the season, Council requires copies of licensing arrangement under which alcohol is sold.
19. User groups are to ensure sporting facilities are locked after use including amenities, canteen roller doors, gates etc. In the event that Council provides keys to a user group for a facility these should be returned within one business day following the event. If the keys are lost or damaged the replacement cost will be borne by the user group.

    Electrical Requirements
    1. It is the responsibility of user groups to have all appliances and electrical cords used on Council grounds tested and tagged in accordance with current Australian standards and regulatory requirements.

    Faults, Damages and Reporting
    1. Any unsafe facilities/grounds should not be used and reported to Council immediately on 6801 4000. Calls are logged using this service, and allocated to staff so that appropriate inspections and work can be carried out to ensure faults are fixed.
    2. All faults within a facility must be report to the Council within 72 hours, so the appropriate inspections and work can be carried out to ensure faults are fixed prior to the next event.
    3. If a user group reports a fault during their event and it turns out to be caused by the user group negligence or misuse, then the user group will be invoiced for the ‘actual costs’ for fixing the fault. For example a typical problem is the overloading of circuits which requires an electrical contractor call out.
    4. The user group hiring facilities/grounds are responsible for all damage caused during their event and will be invoiced the ‘actual costs’ for any repairs required.

    Last Edited: 23 Jul 2021

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