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A three-bin kerbside waste collection service is available to all residential properties in the urban areas of Brocklehurst, Dubbo, Geurie, Wellington and Wongarbon which have been detailed on a map marked for this purpose.

A two-bin kerbside waste collection service is available to all residential properties located in the urban fringe and outer areas of Brocklehurst, Dubbo, Geurie, Wellington and Wongarbon, the villages of Ballimore, Bodangora, Dripstone, Elong Elong, Euchareena, Eumungerie, Mogriguy, Mumbil, Nanima, North Yeoval and Stuart Town, and the areas of Cadonia Estate, Firgrove Estate, Richmond Estate, Ponto Falls and Wellington Caves; which have been defined on a map marked for this purpose.

The three-bin service provides a weekly collection for Food & Garden (FOGO) waste, Landfill waste and a fortnightly collection for Recycling.

The two-bin service provides a weekly collection for Landfill waste (240L bin) and a fortnightly collection for Recycling.

To find out what services are available at your address, please visit the interactive map


For details about your Waste Collection Service including bin collection day and Recycling collection week, please locate your address on the interactive map

Refer to the calendar below for your Recycling collection week. You can also download a copy of the calendar here. (PDF 5.1MB)



FAQS - What are the three bins?


The organics bin is for any kind of food scraps (meat, fruit, vegetables, etc) and garden waste (lawn clippings, prunings, etc). Food scraps can be placed loosely in the organics bin, or in Council provided green caddy liners- no other bags should be placed in the organics bin. FOGO bins are 240 litres and collected weekly.


Recycling includes steel, tin, aluminium cans, empty aerosols, clear, brown and green glass bottles and jars (no lids), plastic bottles and containers, cardboard, milk and juice cartons and newspapers, magazines and junk mail. Recycling bins are 240 litres and collected fortnightly.


Landfill waste is non-organic and non-hazardous material such as nappies and sanitary waste, soft plastics, pet waste and kitty litter, mirrors, ceramics, cookware, clothing and drinking glasses. Landfill waste bins are either 140 litres or 240 litres and are collected weekly.

FAQS - How do I put my bin out for collection?

Please be aware the following guidelines have to be followed at all times to allow our collection vehicles to service your bin:

  • Bins need to be placed outside the night before or before 5 am on the collection day.
  • Lids must fully close, bins can't be overfilled.
  • The bin needs to be kept clear of vehicles, trees or other objects.
  • The bin cannot be heavier than 65 kg.
  • The front of the bin must face the road and be placed within one metre from the edge of the road.
  • Space must be left between bins, 50 cm are ideal.

FAQS - What if my collection is missed?

You can submit a request through Council's DRC&ME Portal for your bin to be serviced if your service was missed, you will be required to create an account and log in. Council will not arrange for re-collection if:

  • The bin was put out too late and the collection vehicle had already serviced the street (bins should be out by 5am).
  • The bin was too heavy (our trucks can only lift up to 65 kg) and contents have not been removed.
  • The bin was overfull and contents have not been removed.
  • The presented bin was not a Council issued bin

If the truck is unable to collect your bin for any of these reasons, you will need to make other arrangements to transport your materials to the closest Waste Facility or wait for the next collection day.

FAQS - What can I put in each bin?

Only specific items can be placed in the red (landfill), yellow (recycling), or green (FOGO) bins. Download a copy of our flyers to see what items can be placed in each bin, or view the image below. 

DRC Rubbish Disposal Guide (PDF 380.6KB)

DRC FOGO Exclusion Fact Sheet (PDF 821.6KB)

DRC What Goes in FOGO (PDF 4MB)

For a print friendly version, download this copy instead DRC Kerbside Bin Guide  (PDF 1.1MB)

DRC Kerbside Guide_Website Image_

FAQS - What if I don't put rubbish in the right bin?

Find out more about contamination at Council's dedicated webpage; Contaminated Kerbside Collection FAQs

FAQS - What can be recycled in our Region?

Find out more about recycling of different materials at Council's dedicated webpage; A-Z Recycling

FAQS - Kitchen caddy and liners

Council provides approved compostable liners delivered to your home address for FREE, requested through DRC&ME. If you are waiting for liners to be delivered, you can also line your kitchen caddy with paper towel. It is prohibited to use non-Council supplied bags including plastic bags, degradable bags, or biodegradable bags; these bags do not breakdown in the composting process and will create contamination.

Please note that only one roll will delivered up to 3 times a year for free, and that the liners are ONLY not be utilised for kitchen food waste and not for other purposes.

FAQS - What if my bin is damaged or stolen?

If you have a damaged or stolen netwaste bin, provided by Dubbo Regional Council, Council will provide you with a replacement. Requests can be made through DRC&ME, you will be required to create an account and log in.

FAQS - What happens to the waste from my FOGO bin?

Last Edited: 28 Jun 2024

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