Domestic Waste Management

A three-bin kerbside waste collection service is available to all residential properties in the urban areas of Brocklehurst, Dubbo, Geurie, Wellington and Wongarbon which have been detailed on a map marked for this purpose.

A two-bin kerbside waste collection service is available to all residential properties located in the urban fringe and outer areas of Brocklehurst, Dubbo, Geurie, Wellington and Wongarbon, the villages of Ballimore, Bodangora, Dripstone, Elong Elong, Euchareena, Eumungerie, Mogriguy, Mumbil, Nanima, North Yeoval and Stuart Town, and the areas of Cadonia Estate, Firgrove Estate, Richmond Estate, Ponto Falls and Wellington Caves; which have been defined on a map marked for this purpose.

The three-bin service provides a weekly collection for Food & Garden waste, Landfill waste and a fortnightly collection for Recycling.

The two-bin service provides a weekly collection for Landfill waste (240L bin) and a fortnightly collection for Recycling.

To find out what services are available at your address, please visit the interactive map here.

Request more kitchen caddy liners

To request the delivery of more kitchen caddy liners, please use Council's Online Customer Portal, DRC&ME. Register or Log In to your account, click on the 'Waste' Section and use the 'Order Caddy Liners' request.
Please note that only one roll will be delivered, and that the liners are ONLY to be utilised for kitchen food waste, and not for other purposes.


In a bid to streamline our services, and provide easier access to free waste services for our residents, Dubbo Regional Council’s tipping vouchers are going digital. It means that when you arrive at a waste facility, you’ll be required to provide proof of address, so we can accurately determine how many free drop-offs you have left for the year.


Residents who do not have a weekly collection service and pay the Rural Waste Management Charge for the property will be able to dispose of waste equivalent to a 240 litre wheelie bin per week. All they’ll have to do is provide their address when arriving at the facility of their choice, by presenting their license or other form of photo ID that shows their address. The address will be entered into our system, and will mark off one of the visits.


Residents who have a regular bin collection service are still able to access one free disposal of up to 1 cubic metre (max. 300kg) to a waste facility each financial year. Similarly to rural residents, people who live in town will have to provide proof of their residential address before entry. Our system will show whether your address has been used to claim a free service for the financial year. We’re making this change to ensure that there is a fairer distribution of tipping vouchers in the community, and all households have the opportunity to access one free service.

frequently asked questions

Why can't I use my punch card anymore?

We are going digital at all our waste facilities, in order to streamline our record-keeping, and to make access more equitable within the community. Even though rural residents don’t have a punch card anymore, they’re still able to prove their residential address to gain access to the site, as our system keeps a digital record of all visits.

What happens if I have already used my free visit for the financial year?

If you have already used your free visits for the year, you will have to pay a fee. Depending on which facility you’re at, and what you need to dispose of, you will need to pay a small fee.

I own a number of properties in the LGA, and usually receive my tipping vouchers in the mail for these properties. As I pay the rates for these, will I still be able to access my free visits for each property?

We want to ensure every householder has the chance to keep their property clean and presentable, which is why free access is granted to every home, once a year. You’ll still be able to access the waste facilities for free, once a year when you provide proof of address, but you won’t be able to claim a visit for properties that you do not reside in. We want to make sure that access to the waste facilities is free for everyone, once a year. 

How much does it cost to visit the facilities if I have used my free voucher?

This depends how much rubbish you have and what you're disposing. For example, a car load or equivalent of unsorted waste costs $11, but a ute or small trailer will cost $28. Large volumes in excess of a small single axle trailer load is charged at $105 per tonne. For more, visit the Fees & Charges section of the website.

I am a renter. Do I still get access to a free service?

Yes, you’ll still be able to use the free access once a year. You will need to provide a proof of address, regardless of where you live. If the tenant before you has used the free access for the year, unfortunately you won’t be able to access the free service until the next financial year.

What can't I use my voucher for?

There are some items that we cannot accept as part of the tipping voucher service. These items are mattresses, tyres and asbestos.



The organics bin is for any kind of food scraps (meat, fruit, vegetables, etc), garden waste (lawn clippings, prunings, etc) and even shredded paper, paper towel, serviettes and old pizza boxes. Food waste can be placed loosely in the organics bin, or in Council provided green caddy liners- no other bags should be placed in the organics bin. FOGO bins are 240 litres and collected weekly.

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we ask that instead of throwing tissues in the FOGO bin, please wrap them in a plastic bag and put them into the red general waste bin This is to reduce the risk of exposure for our staff who manually sift through the green organics to make sure there aren't any contaminants. 


Recycling includes steel, tin, aluminium cans, empty aerosols, clear, brown and green glass bottles and jars (no lids), plastic bottles and containers, cardboard, milk and juice cartons and newspapers, magazines and junk mail. Recycling bins are 240 litres and collected fortnightly.


Landfill waste is non-organic and non-hazardous material such as nappies and sanitary waste, soft plastics, pet waste and kitty litter, mirrors, ceramics, cookware, clothing and drinking glasses. Landfill waste bins are either 140 litres or 240 litres and are collected weekly.

Please note: Council requests that at ALL times disposable masks should be placed in the red general waste bin, they should not be placed in the green organics or yellow recycling bin at any time.

What happens if I don't dispose of rubbish in the correct bin? Find out more about contamination at Council's dedicated webpage Contaminated Kerbside Collection FAQs



Kerbside Bin Guide  (PDF 591.9KB)


Caddy lining 1

(Council-provided liners are made from cornstarch. Please don't use any other liner. When you run low on liners, contact Council for free delivery of a new roll. Liners will be provided ongoing as part of your Food and Garden Waste Service.)

BIN collection days

For details about your Waste Collection Service including bin collection day and Recycling collection week, please locate your address on the interactive map here. Refer to the calendar below for your Recycling collection week. You can also download a copy of the calendar here.

 DRC Waste Recycling calendar_2021 v2 




Last Edited: 07 Apr 2022

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