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Dubbo Regional Council provides residences with one free visit to a Council waste facility under a Tipping Voucher scheme. Council's Tipping Vouchers are digital, which means that when you arrive at a waste facility you’ll be required to provide proof of address so we can process your free visit.

To use your free tipping voucher; visit one of Council's waste facilities, ask to claim your free tipping voucher, present your licence, and claim your visit.


Residents who have a regular bin collection service are still able to access one free disposal of up to 1 cubic metre (max. 300kg) to a waste facility each financial year. Similarly to rural residents, people who live in town will have to provide proof of their residential address before entry. Our system will show whether your address has been used to claim a free service for the financial year. We’re making this change to ensure that there is a fairer distribution of tipping vouchers in the community, and all households have the opportunity to access one free service.


Residents who do not have a weekly collection service and pay the Rural Waste Management Charge for the property will be able to dispose of waste equivalent to a 240 litre wheelie bin per week. All they’ll have to do is provide their address when arriving at the facility of their choice, by presenting their license or other form of photo ID that shows their address. The address will be entered into our system, and will mark off one of the visits.

FAQS - What happens if I have already used my free visit for the financial year?

If you have already used your free visits for the year, you will have to pay a fee. Depending on which facility you’re at, and what you need to dispose of, you will need to pay a small fee.

FAQS - What if I own a number of properties in the LGA?

We want to ensure every householder has the chance to keep their property clean and presentable, which is why free access is granted to every home, once a year. You’ll still be able to access the waste facilities for free, once a year when you provide proof of address, but you won’t be able to claim a visit for properties that you do not reside in. 

FAQS - How much does it cost to visit a waste facility if I have already used my free voucher?

The cost for visiting a waste facility differs depending on how much rubbish you have, and what you're disposing. Council's Fees and Charges document at Integrated Planning and Reporting shows all costs that can be charged at waste facilities.

FAQS - If I am renting a property, do I get a tipping voucher?

Yes, you’ll still be able to use the free access once a year. You will need to provide a proof of address, regardless of where you live. If the tenant before you has used the free access for the year, unfortunately you won’t be able to access the free service until the next financial year.

FAQS - Is there anything I cannot use my tipping voucher for?

Tipping vouchers cannot be used for items such as mattresses, tyres, or asbestos.

Last Edited: 11 Jun 2024

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