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As facility owner of Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets (DRLM), Dubbo Regional Council wants to ensure the safety of our visitors, employees and community, as we work through the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) health crises.

At this stage DRLM will continue to trade,  however as a precaution we ask that only those conducting direct business at DRLM – namely DRLM agents, genuine registered commission/company buyers, transporters, contractors Dubbo Stock and Station Agent and DRLM staff – attend Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets.

Vendors selling stock will not be permitted to stay for the sale - restockers will need to make arrangements with their preferred agent or registered commission/company buyer.

Livestock carriers are to leave site once unloaded, out loading carriers are to stay at their truck until loading is commenced and certainly are not to attend the sale. 

As the DRLM continues to operate we will be increasing hygiene practices and hygiene communications across our facility as practical, and we ask for all stakeholders to support us in this process.

If you are feeling unwell or if you have been asked to self-isolate due to potential exposure to COVID-19 you are not to enter Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets.

Dubbo Regional Council also asks any visitors to our facilities to follow the general health precautions of social distancing, washing your hands effectively, covering any sneezes and coughs and staying at home if unwell.

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Australian Government Department of Health 
NSW Department of Health


Last Edited: 21 May 2020