DRC UPDATE, 12:30 pm Sunday 9 October 2022

Significant rainfall across Dubbo in the past 24 hours has exceeded catchment records and created issues for a number properties in Dubbo.

Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) responded as quickly as possible to multiple call outs and provided concerned residents with advice through the Customer Experience Centre on ways to minimise impact to their properties.

Inflows of stormwater to the sewer treatment plant at Dubbo is approximately 10 mega litres (ML) per day. Friday’s (7 October 2022) rainfall resulted in 52ML entering the system, with Saturday’s (8 October 2022) deluge delivering 78ML.

The resulting 130ML stormwater from rainfall within the 48 hour period equated to 52 Olympic sized swimming pools or 130 million litres of water entering the plant*. The intensity of the rainfall at certain times across the City created further pressure on the system.

Inflows on Saturday (8 October 2022) exceeded records by 20ML and following earlier high inflows the system did not have the needed capacity to effectively move sewer in the system. This unprecedented event resulted in some properties with no history of stormwater impact being affected.

Council received a number calls from residents concerned with potential or actual impact of stormwater in their property with Council crews attending a  number of properties and providing advice on way to  minimise impact.

Current rainfall predictions for Dubbo in coming days do not indicate the intensity as experienced over the weekend however Council staff will continue to monitor the situation and provide community updates as required.

Residents with questions or concerns regarding stormwater impacts to their property can contact Council’s Customer Experience Team on 6801 4000. Residents are advised to reach out to their property insurers and advise them of any property damage.

*A standard Olympic-sized swimming pool measuring 50m long and 25m wide, contains 2.5 ML or 2.5 million litres of water.

Last Edited: 17 Jul 2023

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