Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) met on Thursday 24 February 2022, 5:30pm with the following resolutions.

MANAGEMENT OPTIONS OF COUNCIL'S AQUATIC LEISURE CENTRES. Following a Notice of Motion from Councillor Chowdhury, Council requested that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) provide a report to the June 2022 Council meeting addressing ongoing management options of Council’s Aquatic Leisure Centres that examines a range of factors, including but not limited to:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of in-house management and external (contract) management;
  • Financial analysis of each option (including projected one-off and ongoing finance implications);
  • Analysis of historical (5 years) financial and attendance performance;
  • Analysis of any available benchmarking.

RENAMING DUBBO CITY REGIONAL AIRPORT. Following a Notice of Motion from Councillor Ivey, Council resolved to change the official name of the Council's airport from "Dubbo City Regional Airport" to "Dubbo Regional Airport". Council noted that this is estimated by staff to cost approximately $50,000 to change external and internal signage as well as uniforms and other branded assets.

WELLINGTON CBD ON-STREET PARKING MANAGEMENT STATUS. Following a Notice of Motion from Councillor Ivey, Council requested that the CEO provide a staff report to the April 2022 Ordinary Meeting of Council outlining the history and status of a previously unfinished staff investigation and consultation with businesses regarding the on-street parking environment in the Wellington CBD. The staff report is to advise Council on the opportunities to progress the investigation following more recent and ongoing business concerns with long term parking adjacent to business premises.

SERVICE REVIEW PROGRAM FOR COUNCIL'S BUSINESSES AND OPERATIONS. Following a Notice of Motion from Councillor Mahon, Council requested that the CEO provide a report to the March 2022 Council meeting that provides the priority list of Council functions and business units that shall be the subject of a service review program over a 24 month period. Council resolved to have the service review program provided to the Audit and Risk Management Committee for review and subsequent endorsement.

DUBBO REGIONAL LIVESTOCK MARKETS. Following a Notice of Motion from Councillor Gough, Council resolved to have the CEO provide to the April 2022 Council meeting a confidential report regarding the business structure as it relates to licenses, leases, agreements and arrangements of the DRLM. The report is to include, but not be limited to:

  • Summary of the business structure, financial performance and economic contribution;
  • The current structure of licenses, leases and related operating agreements;
  • Independent legal advice regarding regulatory and legal compliance of the current business structure and related agreements/arrangements;
  • Independent legal advice regarding potential opportunity to strengthen regulatory and legal compliance of related agreements/arrangements, and address any identified corporate risks to Council.

2022 FEDERAL ELECTION FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES FOR CANDIDATES. Following a Notice of Motion from Councillor Black, Council requested that the CEO prepare a report for the March Ordinary meeting of Council for distribution to all candidates for the seats of Parkes and Calare in the 2022 federal election, detailing projects and other funding needs and opportunities across the LGA (ie a Dubbo bypass/ring road, Wheelers Lane road rehabilitation works – Myall St to railway line section, Wellington road network in general), Wellington showground upgrades, and Bodangora aerodrome upgrades.

DUBBO REGIONAL COUNCIL ROADS. Following a Notice of Motion from Councillor Black, Council noted community concerns about the state of the roads in the Dubbo Regional LGA. Council requested that the CEO provide a report to the 24 March 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting to outline relevant information in regard to road maintenance and repair, including but not limited to:

  • Current budget and comparison to other similar local government areas
  • Current schedule of repairs
  • Funding received from other levels of government
  • Rating system for assessing Dubbo Regional Council roads and the process of designating priority repairs, maintenance, and upgrades
  • Challenges unique to Dubbo Regional Council in road maintenance.

DELEGATED AUTHORITY TO COUNCIL'S STANDING COMMITTEES. Council determined not to grant Delegation of Authority to the standing committees apart from the ability to grant tenders.

REVIEW OF THE 2040 COMMUNITY STRATEGIC PLAN. Council have endorsed the themes, objectives and strategies of the draft updated 2040 Community Strategic Plan for the purposes of community consultation. Council noted the changes between the themes, objectives and strategies of the existing 2040 Community Strategic Plan and the draft updated 2040 Community Strategic Plan.  Council endorsed the Community Engagement Strategy, and resolved to place the draft updated 2040 Community Strategic Plan on public exhibition for a period of not less than 28 days in accordance with the Community Engagement Strategy. Following completion of public exhibition, Council requested a further report be presented to Council for consideration, addressing the outcomes of public exhibition. A further report, that will include the draft Resourcing Strategy, Delivery Program and Operational Plan, is to be presented to Council for consideration. Council noted further community consultation and a review of the Community Strategic Plan will be undertaken prior to July 2023.

DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION D21-552 - BOARDING HOUSE - LOT 1 DP 596251, 47 MACLEAY STREET DUBBO. Council resolved to approve the Development Application D21-552 Part 1 for a Boarding House at Lot 1 DP 596251, 47 Macleay Street Dubbo subject to the conditional consent (Appendix 2) available online here

DUBBO REGIONAL AIRPORT AIRLINE REGULAR PASSENGER TRANSPORT (RPT) FEES AND CHARGES 2022/2023. Council resolved to include an increase of 2.5% for Passenger Fees and Charges at Dubbo Regional Airport, to $17.45 in the draft 2022/2023 Revenue Policy. Council determined that the draft 2022/2023 operational budget Dubbo Regional Airport reflect an annual 2.5% increase for the following three years. Council requested that the CEO formally advise all airlines of proposed Passenger Fees and Charges. Council noted that all other fees relating to Dubbo Regional Airport and Wellington Aerodrome and Recreation Park, including security fees and general aviation landing fees, are to be considered as part of the broader annual Revenue Policy review process.

NRL SOUTH SYDNEY AGREEMENT. Council noted the significant investment made by Dubbo Regional Council and also the NSW State Government in attracting the South Sydney Football Club to Dubbo for a second year. Council requested that the Chief Executive Officer provide a report on the social and economic outcomes of the 2022 NRL event to a future meeting of Council. That Council authorised the Mayor and CEO to commence negotiations with South Sydney Rugby League Football Club (SSRLFC) for future years of NRL games. A report is to be brought to the June 2022 Council on the results of negotiations with SSRLFC for consideration. The Mayor will write to the Hon. Dugald Saunders MP on behalf of Council thanking the NSW Government for their support and to seek financial support for future NRL events.

BEAUTIFICATION OF NEIGHBOURHOOD SHOPPING PRECINCTS. Council noted the current progress associated with developing the neighbourhood shopping precinct beautification proposal in Boundary Road along with the detailed design for the neighbourhood shopping precinct beautification proposal for Victoria Street.

PLAYGROUND STRATEGY FOR DUBBO REGIONAL COUNCIL. Council resolved to continue to actively pursue non-rate revenue for the renewal of playground assets, fitness nodes and associate recreation facilities to reduce the financial burden on Council of providing these facilities to our communities. Council determined that the playground hierarchy, identified in the report, be endorsed and continued to be implemented across the Dubbo regional local government area.

REGAND PARK MASTER PLAN STATUS. Council resolved to access $140,000 from the current Section 94 Open Space and Facilities Plan to be utilised to engage suitably qualified landscape architects to develop a northern and southern Macquarie River Master Plan, with any unexpended funds being returned to the Restricted Asset. Council endorsed a procurement process to appoint appropriately qualified consultants to undertake a review of the original Regand Park Master Plan and the development of a master plan for the northern Macquarie River recreational precinct.

SUPPORT FOR TECHNOLOGY TRIAL AT COUNCIL FACILITY. Council resolved to waive fees and charges related to the hire and use of the Wellington Aerodrome and Recreation Park for the purpose of a technology trial, for a period of eight weeks.

Last Edited: 17 Jul 2023

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