Western Plains Cultural Centre (WPCC) is proud to present the works of local artist Kate Kenworthy in her new exhibition titled Can You Hear What I See?

The exhibition will be heldfrom Saturday 27 May to Sunday 30 July and explores Kate’s connection to water, drawing on her heightened senses of touch and hearing due to a visual impairment.

The exhibition questions the very thing that many of us take for granted: sight.

It focuses on the beauty of the Bell and Macquarie-Wambuul rivers and the element of water, a substance that the artist can only touch and sometimes hear, leaving her to imagine what it must look like.

The paintings featured in this exhibition are her interpretations of her surroundings and how the river systems are entwined into them.

“I wanted to paint the language of emotions the river carries within its banks, the stories they contain, and the connection from my heart and not of my eyes,” artist Kate Kenworthy says.

“I invite you to hear and experience the language I first experienced with my eyes and translated in my heart to the canvas and paper to share with you the magnificent force of our river systems.”

“Kate Kenworthy’s works are filled with raw emotions. Her medium informs her sight. It allows her to create a unique language where sound and touch can be visually represented… enabling [her] to express her interpretations as she metaphorically tries to see the environment she lives in,” said exhibition curator Mariam Abboud.

As part of the exhibition, art lovers will also be able to join Kate Kenworthy and curator Mariam Abboud in a discussion of the works. The event will be held from 2pm on Saturday 27 May, and free registration can be found at https://www.123tix.com.au/events/38477/in-conversation-can-you-hear-what-i-see-kate-kenworthy.

Can You Hear What I See? is an exhibition presented through the HomeGround program, an initiative of SPARC, Dubbo Regional Council’s Cultural Plan. The program supports the continued growth of a professional creative sector through training and professional development, as well as developing opportunities for creative co-working, mentorship and networking and professional development.

HomeGround is supported by Orana Arts, and sponsored by Wingewarra Dental.

Last Edited: 24 May 2023

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