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Want to be part of a team that truly cares? At Dubbo Regional Council, our people give a lot because they know what they do matters. Yet, they tell us they also get a lot back. And so will you. When you join us, you’ll belong to a team that treats you with kindness and respect, and you’ll have the support of approachable leaders who genuinely want you to succeed and thrive at work and home.

Tracey Whillock

Hear from Tracey Whillock

The gift of giving back: Why Tracey Whillock is proud to enhance the lifestyle of the region she loves

Sport has enriched Tracey Whillock’s life in so many ways. It’s given her fitness, friendships, confidence, community spirit and more. Today, Tracey shares these gifts with the Dubbo Region by facilitating opportunities to be active in our community. Our Recreation Coordinator is passionate about making a healthier life accessible to all, and in turn, she’s found a better balance to ensure her family always comes first.

Life lessons through sport

Growing up 65km from Dubbo in the rural town of Gilgandra, population 3,000, sport was a way of life for Tracey Whillock. Basketball, swimming, rugby, touch football - you name it, Tracey probably played it!

Tracey’s love of sports was instilled by her mother - a teacher who tirelessly ferried her four children to their various after-school sporting activities. She devoted what spare time she had to watching her children play or volunteering with different clubs, leaving a lasting impression on Tracey.

“Mum was massively into sport. She didn’t just put us kids into sport - she was on the committee of every club we played in, so we learnt to give back at a very young age,” Tracey reflects. “She planted the seed, and I’ve followed in her footsteps.”

Tracey’s held fast to the value of giving back - as a devoted touch football player, volunteer and coach, as a mother of three, and as Dubbo Regional Council’s Recreation Coordinator.

In her role, Tracey collaborates with sporting clubs to develop programs, remove barriers to participation and enhance sports in our region. She also supports the community to use our open spaces - including parks, gardens, reserves and sporting facilities - by processing event bookings and planning for future development.

“I love being fit and active, I love being healthy, and I’m a big believer in physical activity contributing to a healthy mindset. Working with sporting clubs in the Dubbo Region to offer more opportunities for kids and adults to participate is so rewarding for me. I feel privileged to be part of sport - I’ve made so many good friendships out of it. This is my opportunity to give back.”

Strengthening our community for today and tomorrow

Tracey always knew she wanted a career in sport. After gaining her Bachelor of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation, she became a development officer with a governing body for basketball. She then progressed to regional coordinator for a program encouraging children to engage in after-school sports.

In 2014, Tracey realised she needed a better work-life balance to suit her young family. The role of Recreation Coordinator at Dubbo Regional Council came along at just the right time.

“My husband is a farmer and works very long days. At Council, I can work flexible hours to pick my kids up from school and take them to their afternoon sport. My children are so lucky; they play a ridiculous amount of sport - we go to a different sport every day. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I worked a normal 9 to 5. Council has been so supportive and understanding of my life. They know I’m prepared to give 110% - I just need that flexibility.”

Over the years, Tracey’s seen the region’s recreational facilities and events go from strength to strength. She helped support the establishment of a local parkrun, which sees an average of 250 people lace up on a Saturday morning for a 5km walk or run at Sandy Beach Park. Riverside Ovals and Amenities, including six hectares of playing fields, was officially opened in 2021.

Yet, Tracey’s proudest achievement was the NSW Touch Junior State Cup - a three-day event that brought 187 junior touch football teams and 7,000 visitors to our region.

“We got the opportunity to host the Cup in 2023 as a once-off. I knew this was our opportunity to show what we were capable of before it went to another three-year tender, so we had to do a great job. I put my heart and soul into it. I worked with internal and external stakeholders to make sure the fields were in the best condition and everything was on song.”

The event was such a triumph that Dubbo Regional Council won the bid to continue to host the Cup until 2026.

“It was just the biggest success,” Tracey says. “A lot of people came from Sydney who hadn’t been to Dubbo before - they didn’t realise we had so much to offer. They thought they’d be playing on dirt fields! But we had hundreds of comments from people saying, ‘The fields were immaculate, we had the best experience, we’ll definitely be back for a holiday.’ It’s been the biggest highlight of my career.”

Where connection, balance and lifestyle matter

Tracey is quick to point out that the success of the NSW Touch Junior State Cup was a team effort. She says belonging to a loyal, supportive team makes all the difference.

“I have an amazing team. I feel like it’s one big family. Everyone looks out for each other and is willing to help. Even our CEO, if I pass him in the hall, he’ll ask me how my kids are going. It’s very personable - you’re not just a staff member.”

As for the future, Tracey plans to continue to serve and strengthen our evolving region, connect more people with opportunities to be active, and make many more memories with family and friends in a true community.

“Dubbo has everything for me and my family. I can drive 5 or 10 minutes down the road, and I’m at work. We have the peace and tranquillity of wide, open spaces. I love going to the river and running along the beautiful tracks. It’s a great place to live.”

Hear from Jamie Lobb

Jamie Lobb

Purpose, impact and a better balance: How Jamie Lobb found a great combination at Dubbo Regional Council

Jamie Lobb was searching for a more relaxed, affordable lifestyle for his family. He also wanted to achieve, grow and enjoy a rewarding career. At Dubbo Regional Council, he enjoys both. As Resource Recovery and Efficiency Manager, Jamie ensures we deliver essential services that keep our community functioning and safe. He’s also at the heart of some big environmental change that will shape the future of our organisation, our region, and his purposeful career.

A more sustainable future

When Jamie Lobb stepped into his new role at Dubbo Regional Council, he thought he’d be overseeing kerbside bin collection and managing our landfill. Of course, as Resource Recovery and Efficiency Manager, Jamie does these things every day - our region’s residents, families and visitors wouldn’t be healthy or safe without them.

What he didn’t anticipate in those first few weeks in early 2023 was the variety, scope and impact of his work. And after 10 years as an environmental consultant and contractor in the private sector, he was impressed by Council’s commitment to shape a more sustainable future - for our community and beyond.

“I had no idea just how many moving parts there are at Council, or the amount and variety of services we offer,” Jamie says. “I also didn’t realise how progressive Council was in terms of environmental sustainability. We now have a Net Zero Framework. We’re part of the Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone, which will have a huge impact for the greater good. We’re also adjusting the infrastructure at our landfills to make them more efficient.”

Deepening Jamie’s sense of purpose is the fact he’s contributing to the community that he, his wife and two young children now call home.

“We shifted from Sydney to Dubbo because my wife grew up here, so we had that family support. The style of living was also more attractive - to live in a home, not an apartment, plus the lower cost of living. As a young family, everything we need is here. It’s rewarding to work for the community you live in.”

Driving real change

As Resource Recovery and Efficiency Manager, Jamie oversees the operation of seven active sites, including landfills, waste transfer stations and recycling centres. He also ensures our region’s bins are collected, solid waste is processed, and as much is recycled as possible.

“I love diverting waste from landfill. Waste will always be there - we need to minimise it and utilise it as a product. One thing the Dubbo community does well is utilise the recycling services we offer. That motivates me to keep exploring other opportunities to try to create a circular economy and, in essence, reduce our carbon footprint. Playing our part is something I take a lot of pride in.”

Jamie also reviews and develops strategic policies for greater efficiency and sustainable living in the Dubbo region. He helped drive a polystyrene recycling trial at Whylandra Waste and Recycling Centre, which was so successful that it will become a permanent fixture. And he’s especially proud of our Net Zero Framework, which will see Council operating with a zero carbon footprint by 2050, or at least have reduced its emissions by 90%.

“I can’t take ownership of that; I was the eyes in the background, but I was very proud the Net Zero Framework was endorsed and approved. We put a lot of work into it, and now that we have that high-level target, we can filter down and see what actions we can take to get there. It’s opened more doors to review our current practice and see what we can do moving forward. It was a good energy boost.”

With ample opportunities for formal and informal learning, Jamie can continually acquire new knowledge and skills and stay at the forefront of advances in waste management.

“We have an online platform that lists all the training opportunities Council offers. I’ve been able to do training in financial management, which was very beneficial to me. Council is also very supportive of us attending conferences related to our field. I recently went to the Coffs Harbour Waste Conference - it was a great way to see what’s happening in other areas and keep our finger on the pulse.”

Time for what matters most

It’s not all about work, though. At Dubbo Regional Council, Jamie gets the best of both worlds. He can spend quality time with his family, coach and play with the Macquarie United Football Club, and make the most of Dubbo’s vibrant, balanced lifestyle.

“In terms of living, I can’t fault it. We have cafes, restaurants and excellent sporting facilities. Dubbo has a very good sense of community. You know your neighbours, you have your Christmas party at the end of your street. It’s just a friendly environment.”

Are you considering a role at Dubbo Regional Council? Jamie has the following advice:

“Council offers so many different roles. We run the theatre, the airport, a daycare centre, landfills - all kinds of things. There are lots of opportunities and room to move within Council. Our councillors, executives and the CEO are very progressive. They’re not just happy with the status quo; they’re constantly challenging processes. It’s quite a rewarding place to work.”

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Last Edited: 21 Jun 2024

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