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1. Where are the Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets?

Located on Boothenba Road, Dubbo, NSW 2830. Dubbo itself is located on the cross roads of three major highways, the Newell, the Golden and the Mitchell. Home to over 43,000 people Dubbo’s location and size has positioned the City to service over one third of New South Wales.

2. How many animals pass through the Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets annually?

Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets is a multi-million dollar facility, renowned as one of the nation’s major regional livestock selling centres. Operating for more than 75 years, the Markets has grown to be one of the largest saleyards in the nation in terms of combined sheep and cattle throughput with in excess of 1.3 million sheep and 200,000 cattle sold each year.

3. How much money does the Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets contribute to the Dubbo economy?

Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets according to economic modeling undertaken by REMPLAN in 2019, indicated the DRLM provide a total contribution of $60.9 million in total output and supports 307 full time equivalent positions. Some of these jobs include council employees, stock agents, buyers, carriers, suppliers and people feeding the livestock amongst many others.

4. What different breeds of stock are sold at the Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets?

Sheep :
Cross Breeds - British
    1st cross - Border Leicester / Merino
    2nd cross - Dorset
There are many British breeds eg:
    Romney Marsh
    Border Leicester
    English Leicester
Exotics - Modulated fibre
    Wiltshire Horns
    Wilti Polls

Dairy - Friesian
           Jersey - Occasionally
           Aryshires - Occasionally
           Guernseys - Occasionally

Beef - Bos Ind - Brahmam
                          Santa Gertrudis
                          Drought master

British Breeds - Hereford
                         Angus, Red Angus
                         Murray Grey
European -  Simmental
Other breeds from time to time -
            Highland cattle
            Texas Longhorn

For more information please download the Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets Information Flyer (PDF 7.5MB)

Last Edited: 25 Jan 2023