Summer is well and truly gripping the Dubbo region and as a result water consumption is increasing during this period. Dubbo Regional Council’s (DRC) new Water Portal app allows business and residents to monitor their water usage daily and develop strategies to reduce their consumption.

The average daily consumption per person in the winter months is approximately 198L of water, compared with the average daily consumption per person of approximately 458L in the summer months.  

“Summer is a time of year where we see water usage more than double so having a free app that allows users to monitor their daily water usage is a great tool to have for both households and businesses,” DRC’s Manager Operations Water and Sewage, Bec Eade said.

“Cutting back on water usage will not only save water in summer but also saves money, energy and the environment.”

Some simple tips to help reduce your household water consumption include sweeping down paths instead of hosing, using mulch in gardens, taking shorter showers, and only running washing machines and dishwashers when there is a full load.

“It is also important to fix a dripping tap straight away. This action will help prevent water waste as one drip from a tap every second wastes over 12,000 litres of water per year.”

“If every household makes one or two changes in their water usage, it will have a big impact on reducing the water consumption for the entire region. We have all experienced severe drought in the past few years, so it is important to always be conscious of water consumption so that we have this precious resource into the future,” said Ms Eade.

The Water Portal app is available for all residents and businesses in the Dubbo Region Local Government Area with a smart water device. The app allows users to monitor their water consumption anytime and anywhere for free. 

The app allows email and SMS alerts to be sent directly to the registered user to be notified of potential water leaks and high consumption within days of it occurring.

To download and register for the Water Portal app, visit the App Store for Apple or Google Play for Android and search Water Portal.

Last Edited: 10 Jan 2024

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