An official delegation of representatives from the Dubbo Community will head to South Korea and Japan at the end of March.

It is the first time in six years an official delegation has been to Dubbo’s sister city Minokamo in Japan, and the first time ever they have been to Cheongju-city in South Korea.

The group includes Dubbo Regional Council Mayor Mathew Dickerson, Clr Shibli Chowdhury, Clr Matt Wright, members of the Sister City Advisory Committee and community members.  

“Having already hosted members of the Cheongju Community, we are currently in talks with them around further potential sister-city relations, so we are keen to visit and see where Dubbo and Cheongju can join together and unite,” Clr Dickerson said.

“There is growing interest in our region from Korean companies particularly around critical minerals. This is an opportunity to see Cheongju and potentially build a long term and productive sister city relationship such as the one between Dubbo and Minokamo.”

If a sister city relationship is deemed worthwhile, a formal process of establishment will be undertaken.

Following their visit to Cheongju, the delegation will fly to Minokamo, Japan to recognise the sister-city relationship which started 35 years ago in June.

This year also marks the 70th anniversary of Minokamo becoming a city, after an amalgamation between the towns and villages of Ota, Furui, Yamanoue, Hachiya, Kamono, Ibuka, Shimoyoneda and Miwa.

“Some delegates will be with the trip for both the South Korean and Japanese legs of the trip while others will be with us just for the Japanese component of the tour. In Japan we will have four days of official events around Minokamo,” Clr Dickerson said.

“I am thrilled to be able to travel to Minokamo to celebrate this wonderful milestone,” Clr Dickerson said.

“We have a strong relationship with Minokamo that has been developed through friendship over the past 35 years and I look forward to seeing what the next 35 years hold.”

The last official delegation to the city was in 2018.

“I would like to emphasise that, although Councillors and community members will be representing Dubbo on this delegation, this is a self-funded trip with Councillors and community members paying for their own travel and accommodation costs,” Clr Dickerson said.

DRC employee, Sister Cities Officer Daisy Wang, is also part of the delegation and is the only person that will incur any costs to Council.

In September 2023, 10 Dubbo teenagers and two chaperones visited Minokamo as part of the Sister City Exchange Program which had reopened following a period of closure due to COVID-19 restrictions. Students wishing to participate in the 2024 Sister City Exchange to Minokamo can find out more by visiting

Last Edited: 27 Mar 2024

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