Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) met on Thursday 15 February 2024 at 5.30pm in the Dubbo Council Chambers for the first Ordinary Council meeting of 2024. During the February meeting the following outcomes were made:


Building summary – December 2023 and January 2024: Council noted the report which highlighted 25 dwellings had been approved over the December/January period. There have been 403 DAs approved this financial year.  

Status of Notices of Motion - Quarterly Update: Council noted the quarterly update which showed three Notices of Motions have been completed while six are still in progress.  

Update on investigations on potential boundary alteration: North Yeoval: Council noted the report which highlighted a boundary adjustment would have a number of community benefits and support operational efficiencies. It was noted the report provides an initial update and proposed project timeline, however further information is required to inform Council’s future consideration of progression to a formal public exhibition process. A further report on a potential LGA boundary adjustment at North Yeoval will be provided to Council in May 2024.

Monthly reporting snapshot for Councillors - December 2023 and January 2024: The monthly reporting snapshot will be deferred to the March Corporate Services Committee meeting.


Cameron Park toilets: A report will be presented to Council as part of the budget development process on the options to provide more toilet amenities in Cameron Park precinct. This report will also include evidence as to the current constraints for use.

Council pool private management - contract advice - options to de-privatise pool management: Council sought advice on whether the privatised management contract has been complied with by the operator, on whether the management of the three council pools can be brought back in house in a way that ensures the facilities are properly available to the community, and an outline of the cost of exiting the private management contract. A report will be provided back to Council in March.

Developing a public toilet policy/strategy: Council voted down a Notice of Motion to develop a Public Toilet Policy/Strategy.


December 2023 Quarterly Budget Review Statement: Council adopted the Quarterly Budget Review Statements as of 31 December 2023. Council also noted Council is in a satisfactory financial position having regard to the changes made to the original budget.

2024 Wellington Vintage Fair - Wellington Showground: Council approval was granted to the Rotary Club of Wellington Vintage Fair Committee to implement the Wellington Vintage Fair Traffic Management Plan subject to Transport for NSW (TfNSW) approval and conditions of Dubbo Regional Council and NSW Police.

2024 ANZAC Day Ceremonies - Dubbo Local Government Area: Council approval was granted to the RSL Sub-branches in Dubbo and Wellington and the Stuart Town Anzac Committee to undertake their respective Anzac Day Marches on Thursday 25 April 2024 and implement road closures and detours as conditioned by Transport for NSW (TfNSW), NSW Police and Council's conditions of consent.

Amendments to the Renewable Energy Benefit Framework: Council adopted the amended Renewable Energy Benefit Framework and noted the draft NSW Government Department of Planning and Environment Energy Policy Framework. Council also approved the establishment of a Renewable Energy Committee, with the aim to provide a consultation link between Council, the community and developers of renewable energy projects.

Planning proposal R23-007 - Minimum lot size area amendments at 20L Rocky Road, Dubbo: Council endorsed the Planning Proposal to amend the Dubbo Regional Local Environmental Plan 2022 by changing the minimum lot size area at part of 20L Rocky Road, Dubbo from 20ha to 8ha. A planning proposal will be submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for a Gateway Determination.

Council will also support a minimum 28 days public exhibition period for the Planning Proposal, subject to the conditions of a Gateway Determination and that following the completion of the public exhibition period, a further report be presented to Council for consideration, including the results of public exhibition.

Draft Spicers Creek Wind Farm Planning Agreement - Results of Public Exhibition: Council resolved to enter into a Planning Agreement with Squadron Energy Pty Ltd. Council noted the submissions received during the public exhibition periods.

Recommendation for Council on Policy setting in relation to Overgrown Blocks in the Dubbo Regional Local Government Area: Council resolved to develop a Policy on ‘Enforcing Compliance of Overgrown Blocks of Private Land’ for Council’s consideration.

Tree Planting Opportunities for Community Groups 2023: Council resolved not to support a free tree giveaway to residents due to the risks associated with the program, including planting in poor locations, future implications to public infrastructure and safety concerns. Council will continue to support small scale community tree plants at targeted sites, associated with environmental restoration and rehabilitation sites and funding.

Council will conduct a tree planting ceremony at a nominated site for persons who wish to participate being conferred Australian Citizenship, with this being limited to one tree/individual/family. Council will also consider a 10 per cent increase for tree maintenance in the 2024/2025 budget for Greenspace Operations to offset the additional costs in establishment and maintenance of urban trees.

Draft 2023-2027 Community Engagement Strategy (including Community Participation Plan): Council adopted the 2023-2027 Community Engagement Strategy (including Community Participation Plan), which will replace the former policies Community Participation Plan 2019 and Community Engagement and Communication Policy 2017.

Audit of Signs across the Urban Areas of the LGA: Council noted the report and resolved to develop internal policy and guidelines to support standardised signage across the Local Government Area. Council will also consider investment in a signage renewal program as part of the budget development process.

Regional Precincts and Partnerships Program: Council will submit an application for the Dubbo South West Housing Precinct Plan for Stream one of the Regional Precincts and Partnerships Program and an application for Blueridge Net Zero Business Park for stream two of the Regional Precincts and Partnerships Program.


Update to Roadworks Tamworth Street precinct Dubbo:  Council noted that Tamworth Street pavement reconstruction works are scheduled to commence in second week of March 2024. Council also noted that the Tamworth and Darling Street roundabout pavement reconstruction has been deferred until the 2024/2025 financial year. Initial works revealed the watermains will need to be relocated within the vicinity of the roundabout as part of the proposed road works. The design for the watermain is underway and the water main works are expected to commence in May 2024 and be completed in late June 2024.

Lions Park West Dubbo – 3D Printed Toilet Design Methodology: Council noted the plan was to replace the end-of-life asset with a new one, ensuring at least the same level of service, if not better, was delivered within the allocated budget. Having a low maintenance form was also important given its location and some of the maintenance cost DRC incur on other amenities. Council also noted the facility is close to a popular playground and BBQ area with high weekend traffic, along with expected increases in highway traffic and events like runs, so it was agreed to slightly expand the capacity if possible, taking advantage of the budget provided. An additional two female cubicles and a new male urinal were achieved with minimal impact on the overall project budget. Additionally, a disabled access toilet was added, which was not available in the previous amenities.


Modification of the Geurie Raw Water Pump Station: Council resolved to engage TWS Evolution Pty Ltd to undertake modification works on the Geurie Raw Water Pump Station for the quoted price of $704,000 including GST, and in accordance with the pre-qualified LGP420 procurement panel.

Undertaking of Sewer Rehabilitation Works: Council resolved that Interflow Pty Limited be engaged for the 2023/2024 financial year utilising the LGP420 schedule of rates.

Mumbil Raw Water Pipeline Rehabilitation: Council resolved to directly engage Interflow Pty Limited as per the pre-qualified panel LGP420 in an amount of $1,009,162.11 including GST.

Long Term Lease or Sale of Mill's Pit (93L Railway Lane): Council noted the report and resolved to proceed with issuing an Expression of Interest to identify the potential of entering either a long-term lease or sale of the parcel of land (Lot 1 DP263339). Council also resolved that proceeds of the lease or sale is used for community priorities identified in community strategic documents.

Proposed agreement to lease part of Council-owned operational land: Council resolved to enter into an agreement to lease land to Squadron Energy or an associated entity of same for the property and on the key terms generally, as described within the body of the report.

Proposed acquisitions of parts of land for road purposes: Council approved the compulsory acquisition of land from three relevant properties for the purpose of a road. Upon acquisition of the land it will be classified as operational. 

Last Edited: 16 Feb 2024

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