The start of the year often involves new year’s resolutions and if your resolution is to read more in 2024, your local Macquarie Regional Library branch can help.

Reading has so many benefits: it is a great way to relax and reduce stress, it helps with vocabulary and attention span and improves brain connectivity and memory function. It also aids sleep and is a great form of enjoyment, according to the Australian Library and Information Association.

“The team at the Macquarie Regional Library are here to help you with your 2024 reading goals. Whether that’s signing up to become a member, learning about the online apps available to use for audiobooks or getting recommendations for your next book to read,” Macquarie Regional Library Manager Kathryn McAlister said.

“Best of all the services at your local library are free to use and you can access them online from the comfort of your home or in person at the Dubbo or Wellington Library branches.”

Some tips to read more in 2024 and achieve that new year’s resolution include:

Start small and set a daily goal – with any new year’s resolution it is important to set goals. To increase your reading, set a small achievable daily goal such as read 10 pages every day or one chapter. As reading becomes more habitual this goal can be increased.

Try different formats – if you spend a lot of time in the car travelling or walking why not try audiobooks - it still counts! The Macquarie Regional Library has an extensive range of fiction and non-fiction titles as well as eAudioBooks via apps such as Libby, BorrowBox and Indyreads. To access the free eAudioBooks, simply use your Macquarie Regional Library membership.

Find a reading community – join a book club or start a book club with friends. The Dubbo Library branch has an afternoon book club on the first Tuesday of every month at 2pm. Members discuss any great books they have enjoyed and can select from new titles.

“If you are part of an existing book club in the community or want to create one, you can borrow Book Club Kits from the library. These kits contain everything your book club requires for a great discussion in one convenient bag.”

“Another great tip is to have a list of books you’d like to read so you always have something to move onto once you finish a book,” Ms McAlister said.

Not a member of the Macquarie Regional Library? Join for free at the Dubbo or Wellington branch. For more information, visit

Last Edited: 08 Mar 2024

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