MAYORAL MINUTE: APPOINTMENT OF INTERIM CEO – Councillors noted a Mayoral Minute that advises Councillors that the Mayor and Deputy Mayor had interviewed directors for the role of Interim CEO, and Mr Dean Frost was successful as a result of the process.

MAYORAL MINUTE: RUGBY LEAGUE PROPOSAL – DEVELOPMENT OF REGAND PARK – Councillors noted a Mayoral Minute, welcoming the proposed development of Regand Park for use by St John’s Rugby League Football Club, to redevelop the land into playing fields and associated infrastructure. Councillors welcome the proposal, but do not guarantee a commitment from Council at this stage.

DECEMBER QUARTERLY BUDGET REVIEW STATEMENTS – Councillors noted a report that said DRC was in a satisfactory financial position in December 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic forcing Council to utilise $4.23 million of its reserve fund. As a result, the projected financial position of Council for 30 June 2021, will be satisfactory and result in a balanced budget.

REPORT: DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY TO INTERIM CEO - Councillors adopted a recommendation that the Delegation of Authority be granted to the interim CEO. The delegation of functions allows the organisation to meet the needs of residents and other stakeholders in an effective and efficient manner.

REPORT: POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR THE INTERIM CEO – In his role as acting CEO, Mr Dean Frost will be prescribed Power of Attorney, and the current CEO, Mr Michael McMahon will have his Power of Attorney status rescinded upon his retirement, effective 2 April, 2021.

REPORT: CHANGE OF ORDINARY COUNCIL MEETING DATE, APRIL 2021 – Councillors agreed to move the regular Council meeting from Tuesday 27 April 2021, to Monday 26 April 2021, as there is not a public holiday on Monday, as originally planned.

REPORT: DRAFT WELLINGTON TOWN CENTRE PLAN – RESULTS OF PUBLIC EXHIBITION – Following an extensive consultation period, and preceding public exhibition, the draft Wellington Town Centre Plan was put forward for adoption by Councillors. The draft Wellington Town Centre Plan was placed on public exhibition for three months from 25 August – 20 November 2020. There were a total of 38 submissions and 18 survey responses. The draft Wellington Town Centre Plan was amended based on the public submissions, and consequently adopted by Councillors. The plan will be reviewed every four years.

REPORT – REFURBISHMENT OF OLD WELLINGTON POLICE STATION FOR COMMUNITY USE – An update on the refurbishment of the Old Wellington Police station was provided to Councillors. The report recommended that a short term plan (12-18 months) for the Wellington Museum Committee be developed to allow for the exhibition of key items. Councillors adopted a total of 7 recommendations, some of which included providing the Wellington Museum Committee with a license agreement for $1 a year to operate from the Old Police Station for a 12 month period.

COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE – PROPOSED RIVER STREET BRIDGE UPDATE – The committee has before it a report dated 10 February 2021, from the CEO regarding the River Street Bridge. Councillors agreed to continuing showing their opposition to the River Street Bridge, and continue advocating for a pedestrian link, two-part connection to the north-west sector and the lowering of the roadway.  

Last Edited: 23 Feb 2021

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