Councillor Stephen Lawrence and Councillor Anne Jones OAM will continue as Mayor and Deputy Mayor, respectively, for the remainder of the Council term. With the postponement of the Local Government Elections until 4 December 2021, Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) has to formally elect a Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the remainder of the Council term, as the current term concludes at the end of September. Both Councillors ran for their positions unopposed.

“I’m honoured to be re-elected to fulfill the role of Mayor until December. I want to thank the Councillors who have entrusted myself and Councillor Jones to lead the team for the remaining months. The community can be assured I will be using every day of the extra period to act in the public interest and to finish important projects that remain” said Councillor Lawrence. 

“I also want to acknowledge the community service of my fellow councillors who are now into more than an additional year of service. Your ongoing commitment to remain on Council until the end of the extended term has not gone unnoticed by the community.”

Deputy Mayor Anne Jones says she is looking forward to continuing to serve the Dubbo Region for the remainder of her term.

“These last few months have been very difficult for our entire region, and I know that we have all been putting in the hard yards to ensure our communities are represented well. I will be focusing on ensuring the Wellington community continues to get the services it needs throughout this pandemic, for the remainder of my term,” said Councillor Jones.

“It is critical that our community continues to be tested and vaccinated to protect not only themselves, but their families, their community, their state, and our whole nation,” she said.

The Local Government Elections were scheduled to take place on Saturday 4 September; however, they will now proceed on 4 December 2021 instead. Nominations for anyone wishing to run for Council are open from 25 October – 3 November 2021.


Last Edited: 07 Sep 2021

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