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Councillors from Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) have undertaken code of conduct training, a requirement by Office of Local Government for all Councils, as part of their comprehensive induction to their role as community leaders on Council.

The full day session hosted on Friday 14 January, covered a wide range of essential topics that relate to the work of a Councillor and their conduct while on Council.

“It was a comprehensive day of mandatory training and induction,” said Council’s CEO Murray Wood. “It covered aspects such as: the legal and political context of local government; the relationships between local government, state and the Commonwealth governments; statutory framework around local government; key accountabilities; guiding principles under the Local Government Act; key accountabilities of oversight agencies (Office of Local Government, Local Government NSW, ICAC etc.), and Role of Mayor, Councillors and CEO under the Local Government Act.

Council engaged a Sydney-based third party provider, SINC Solutions Pty Ltd, who specialise in working with state and local government to deliver the high-level training to Councillors.

“Choosing a leading and highly-regarded firm who specialises in areas like code of conduct within local government to facilitate and deliver this training sets a uniformed and high standard of awareness and expectations from the outset of Council’s term,” said Mr Wood.  “Councillors are eager to set a high standard from the start, and work to that high standard for the next two years and nine months until the next election.”

The code of conduct training also specifically addressed Pecuniary Interest Disclosures, Related Party Disclosures, payment of expenses and provision of facilities for Mayor and Councillors, and meeting procedures.

“Councillors are currently undertaking quite a rigorous induction schedule,” said Mr Wood.  “This includes full day training Tuesday and Friday of last week, with further full day induction to Council scheduled for Monday 17 January and Wednesday 19 January.”

Last Edited: 18 Jan 2022

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