Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) Rangers are reminding members of the community about how to dispose of bulky waste to keep our environment clean and avoid hefty fees for illegal dumping.

When items such as couches, mattresses, fridges and construction waste are illegally dropped into reserves and bushland, the environmental, social and financial costs to the community are profound.

“There are many resources out there so people don't have to resort to illegal dumping,” said DRC Manager Waste Services John Wisniewski. “Many items can actually be disposed of at Council’s waste facilities for free including cardboard, oil, scrap metal, recyclables.

“Council also provides an annual bulky waste pick-up that allows residents to have their bulky waste collected from out the front of their homes.”

The fine for illegal dumping is up to $4000, depending on the amount and the type of waste.

DRC Manager Environmental Compliance Narelle Sargent is also reminding the community that land must be kept clear of vegetation, as untidy land encourages vermin such as stray cats, rats, mice, snakes and spiders, as well as posing a potential fire risk in dry weather.

“Such land also encourages the unlawful disposal of waste,” said Mrs Sargent. “Council requests that you undertake any necessary clean up action and maintain the land as Rangers will be conducting random inspections.”

The fine for overgrown blocks is $330.

“Help us protect our environment by reporting suspicious behaviour. If you see any person or vehicle illegally dumping on your street, fire trail, or in our parks, reserves or bushland, please come forward and report it.”

Reports can be made to DRC on (02) 6801 4000, or the Environment Protection Authority on 131 555.

Get more information on DRC’s Waste Management at Council's dedicated webpage Whylandra Waste and Recycling Centre

Last Edited: 04 Feb 2022

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