Join Professors Lexi Con and Noel Edge at the Wellington Civic Centre (Monday 4 April - 10 am and 1 pm) for a multi award-winning race through the alphabet – where fascinating words inspire spectacular science.

The Alphabet of Awesome Science is a unique “science theatre” production that is equal parts explosive, messy, spectacular, fascinating and gross.

“I’ve always been struck by how kids love to chew over great big words,” said David Lampard, Creative Director of That Science Gang, who also plays the role of Professor Noel Edge. “In this show – which is kind of a great big alphabetical scientifical variety hour – we match fascinating words with all sorts of impressive STEM-themed surprises.”

Audiences will discover how clouds form, how squeezing some crystals can generate electricity and why wee is yellow; as well as be introduced to several carbon-neutral fuels that could help save our future.

Professor Lexi Con has curated a curious collection of her absolutely favourite words (one for every letter of the alphabet) with each word providing Professor Noel Edge an inspirational jumping off point for 26 quirky scientific demonstrations that squirt, splash, float, fly, expand and explode.

The Alphabet of Awesome Science promotes both English language literacy as well as science literacy, encouraging kids (and adults) to engage with beautiful words and captivating scientific phenomena.

“In our alphabet E is for erumpent, G is for gumfiate and F is for floccinaucinihilipilification,” said Mr Lampard.

“We have a great big beautiful collection of unusual, rare, archaic and even obsolete words – which kids (and adults alike) love repeating and chewing over with us after the show.”

“We are excited to once again bring a fabulous touring production to Wellington Civic Centre,” said Manager of Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre, Linda Christof. “The show is suited to children four years plus and involves 26 quirky scientific demonstrations in 52 minutes, or two minutes per experiment. A colourful and fast-paced show for school kids and young families.”

The Alphabet of Awesome Science provides the spark that prompts kids to pick up a dictionary and explore, as well as engage with the rapidly evolving way science can help us understand our future. The production is the latest in a string of scientific adventures from That Science Gang – who have been creating science-themed edutainment experiences for nearly two decades.

There are two performances on offer. Tickets to The Alphabet of Awesome Science can be purchased in person at the Box Office in Dubbo or as an e-ticket via phone (02) 6801 4378, or by visiting the website There will also be a temporary Box Office set up at Wellington Civic Centre – further details to follow.

Last Edited: 07 Mar 2022

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