Sewage and water treatment plants

Council welcomes site tours by arrangement, from schools and other community groups to our treatment plants for educational guided tours. Tours are free but must be booked in advance.

Sewage Treatment Plant Tours

Council completed a $23.5 million upgrade at the Dubbo Sewage Treatment Plant in 2016.

The upgrade will ensure the City's services keep pace with the growing population and will allow the facility to service a future population of up to 55,000 residents.  

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Water Treatment Plant Tours

Council recognises that a supply of safe and reliable drinking water is essential for the well being and growth of a community.

Dubbo Municipal Council provided a town water supply to its residents since 1894, originally supplying untreated water from bore and Drift Wells. 


In 2005/2006 the John Gilbert Water Treatment Plant was upgraded and the capacity increased to 80 ML/day. 

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Please read the pre-tour information brochure before you book a tour. Wheelchair access is not available at the Council plants due to safety and operational requirements.

John Gilbert Water Treatment Plant - Pre Tour Information  (PDF)

Dubbo Sewage Treatment Plant - Pre Tour Information (PDF) 

If you would like to make a booking for a tour of the Sewage Treatment Plant or Water Treatment Plant please complete the following application form.


Application for Tour of Treatment Plants

Application for school or community group tour of John Gilbert Water Treatment Plant and Dubbo Sewage Treatment Plant

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Last Edited: 20 Jan 2017

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