Dubbo City Animal Shelter

It is a requirement that people make an appointment with the Shelter before attending. If you do not have an appointment, you may be turned away and will not be able to attend the Shelter. To avoid any inconvenience, please call the Shelter on (02) 6801 4640 to make an appointment. Collection times are Monday to Friday 12 pm to 4 pm and Saturday 11 am to 1 pm.

Visitors will also be required to register prior to entry by scanning the QR code posted on the entrance door, and submitting their details.

The Dubbo City Animal Shelter is managed by Council. The Shelter is provided as a service to residents in the Local Government Area for lost and stray cats and dogs. The Shelter offers microchipping, registration, sale of dangerous dog merchandise and adoption of unclaimed animals.

The Shelter is a safe haven for lost and stray cats and dogs, keeping them protected until their owner (or a new owner) can be found. Fees apply for the release of impounded animals and animals must be registered before release. 

Location and Opening Hours

The Dubbo City Animal Shelter is located at 189 Boothenba Road, Dubbo at the corner of Yarrandale Road. 

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Open - Monday to Friday - 12 pm to 4 pm and Saturday - 11 am to 1 pm

The Shelter is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Animal Shelter: 6801 4640

Ranger Services: 6801 4000


Facebook: fb.com/Dubbocityanimalshelter

I've found a lost dog or cat?

In accordance with the NSW Companion Animals Act, 1998, if you find a lost animal you are required to deliver it to a Council shelter (pound) or a vet within 72 hours. The owner may be looking for the animal and therefore Council needs to check the microchip and contact the owner. All Dubbo vets can check the microchip and contact the owner or, if not microchipped, they will contact Council for collection. After hours pens are available at the Animal Shelter for the public to drop off lost and stray dogs and cats at any time and the pens are checked daily. Please complete the appropriate form when leaving an animal as information provided could assist in finding the owner or re-homing the animal as soon as possible. Once impounded, unless surrendered by the registered owner, identified animals must be kept for 14 days. Unidentified animals must be kept for seven days. If the animal remains unclaimed it then becomes the property of Council and may be made available for adoption or offered to a rescue group. 

I've lost my dog or cat

If you have lost your dog or cat, please contact the Animal Shelter as soon as possible. If we do not yet have your pet impounded, we can take your details and contact you if it does end up being impounded. Social media can also be very effective and there are a number of pet lost and found Facebook pages for the Dubbo area. The Animal Shelter also has a Facebook page where you can post a picture of your lost pet. We regularly post animals that have been impounded but please do not rely on these posts only as not all animals are included. Give us a call or drop in during opening hours to check if your lost animal is currently in our care. 

I want to surrender my dog/cat

We understand that the unexpected can occur which may mean you can no longer care for your pet. To give your pet the best chance of a loving home, it is suggested that you make your own enquiries to rehome your pet before contacting us. If you have no other option you may surrender your dog or cat to us. The legal owner must complete a signed Surrender Form. A small surrender fee applies to cover the costs of assessing and keeping your animal while arrangements are made for its care. If your pet is already impounded with us and you do not wish to claim it, we request a Surrender Form to be completed so that we can commence rehoming arrangements as soon as possible.

Surrender Form (PDF 351.8KB)

Fees and charges

By law, all animals must be microchipped and registered before leaving the Shelter. Registration fees are prescribed by the NSW Companion Animals Act, 1998. Council cannot reduce these fees and they must be paid in full before a pet can be released.

2021/2022 Council Fees

Fee category





Release (repeat offender)
 Maintenance cost per day

Vet costs

Actual cost plus 12.5%
Engraved ID tag
Animal surrender
Dangerous dog signs
Cat not desexed annual permit


Annual dangerous dog permit


Cat not desexed annual permit


Restricted breed dog annual permit


 Dangerous dog collars (S, M, L, XL)

$48 small

$56 med

$61 large

$66 X-large



2021/2022 Registration fees

Registration Category



Dog — Desexed (by relevant age)


Dog — Desexed (eligible pensioner)


Dog — Desexed (sold by RSPCA/Pound/Rescue Group)


Dog — Not Desexed


Dog —Not Desexed (recognised breeder)


Dog - Working
 Dog - Service of the State
Assistance Animal

Cat — Desexed or not desexed


Cat - Eligible Pensioner


Cat — Desexed (sold by RSPCA/Pound/Rescue Group)


 Cat - Not Desexed (recognised breeder)
 Registration late fee


Annual Permit category



Cat not desexed by four months of age


Dangerous dog


Restricted dog


Permit late fee



Registration is only required if an animal is not already lifetime registered in NSW.

Follow this link for further information on microchipping and registration.


Many of our unclaimed animals are made available for adoption. All animals undergo a basic behaviour assessment and vet check and are vaccinated, wormed, desexed, microchipped and registered. 

To help make you decision about getting a dog, read our brochure: Buying a Puppy (PDF 572.6KB)

Animals available can be viewed on our Facebook page Monthly album

Once you have decided to adopt, paid the relevant fees and completed the necessary paperwork, the animal will be booked in for desexing and you will be advised when you can collect it directly from the vet. If it is already desexed, you can take your new pet home straight away. Our adoption fee includes the cost of microchipping and the associated vet costs and therefore are subject to change depending on the vet's costs.

2021/2022 Adoption Fees 

Adoption fees for cats and dogs from the Dubbo City Animal Shelter and Wellington Pound are outlined in the Fees & Charges on page 112. All pets sold through the shelter are de-sexed, microchipped and vet-checked. Please note the below costs do not include the cost of vet care after adoption.


  • Puppies - under 12 months of age $423.50
  • Dogs - under 5 years of age $389.40
  • Dogs over 5 years of age $132


  • Kitten - under 12 months of age $217.80
  • Cats - up to 5 years of age $88


  • Popular or in demand breed of dog or cat - market value at time only if available
  • Pocket pets (i.e. guinea pigs/ rabbits/ chickens) - on request when available




Last Edited: 04 Mar 2022

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