Trees and pruning


Tree maintenance or removal

The maintenance of trees on privately owned land is the responsibility of the property owner. If you would like to ringbark, cut down, top, lop, and/or remove a tree from your property but aren't sure if it's permissible, you can consult the Significant Tree Register.

This register is intended to preserve trees and groups of trees which are attached additional values that make them "significant". For example, it may be a remnant of a previous landscape, have been planted by a famous person, be rare or an endangered species, or be of cultural or aesthetic value.

If the tree in question is listed on the register, contact us to discuss further.

2018/19 Tree Preservation Register (PDF 4.9MB)

Street trees

Street trees play a major role our urban environment by absorbing heat, providing shade and reducing solar radiation. They also assist in noise reduction and air purification.

If you have a request for planting, pruning and removal of trees on Council land, contact us. The tree will be assessed and any necessary work will be carried out by our staff.

Council does not prune trees for power line clearance. Essential Energy is responsible for pruning street trees in these circumstances and sets out the required clearance for its power lines. Please visit the Essential Energy website for more information.

Last Edited: 16 Aug 2019

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