Bulky rubbish collection

Council will be conducting the Annual Kerbside Clean-up service for collection of bulky rubbish and green waste during August and September this year. The service will be available to residents within the Dubbo collection district as well as to residents within the built-up areas of Wellington and Geurie.  


The clean-up collections will be conducted over one week in each zone.


What zone are you in?


Residences located outside Dubbo’s 50 kph speed zone that receive a weekly wheelie bin service are in the Rural zone. The rural zone includes the estates of Richmond and Firgrove and the villages of Brocklehurst, Eumungerie, Ballimore, Mogriguy and Wongarbon. Residences located within the Dubbo built-up area (50 kph speed zone) are in Urban Zone 1, 2 or 3.


The day when you will be required to place bulky rubbish on the footpath can be selected from the following table.



Place Bulky Waste out by

Wellington and Geurie

Sunday 13, August 2017

Dubbo Rural Zone –

outside Dubbo’s 50 kph speed zone

Sunday 20, August 2017

Dubbo Zone 1

east of the Macquarie River and north of the Dubbo - Wellington (Main Western) railway line

Sunday 27, August 2017

Dubbo Zone 2

west of the Macquarie River

Sunday 3, September 2017

Dubbo Zone 3 –

east of the Macquarie River and south of the Dubbo -Wellington (Main Western) railway line

Sunday 10, September 2017














Please note that the following conditions apply:


  • Your bulky rubbish and green waste MUST be placed out for collection by the day indicated in the table above AND no earlier than seven (7) days before that day.

  • Any waste that is ineligible for collection or that is placed out for collection AFTER the appropriate date your zone will NOT be collected and will remain the responsibility of the resident.  

  • There is a limit of the equivalent of one level box trailer load or one (1) cubic metre (m3) of garbage per residence. Quantities in excess of this amount will only be removed if requested by the resident and at a cost of $150.00/m3 to the resident.

  • Green waste should be separated from other garbage. Tie prunings into bundles with string or rope and place loose garden waste such as lawn clippings and leaves in cardboard boxes.

  • Whitegoods and other metal items should be placed in a separate heap for collection

  • Remove doors from old freezers and frigs.

  • Place loose garbage in boxes or bags.

    X     Household hazardous waste and liquids (such as chemicals, poisons, oil, paint and batteries) will NOT be collected.

    X     Commercial properties are NOT eligible for this service.

    X     Truck and tractor tyres will NOT be accepted.


    Rural zone: Place bulky rubbish and garden waste next to where you normally position your wheelie bins for collection.


    Urban zones: Place bulky rubbish and garden waste on the footpath, making sure it does not obstruct people using the footpath.


    For information about this service please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 6801 4000.


Last Edited: 19 Jul 2017