Saving water

Dubbo Regional Council is a proud supporter of Smart Water Advice. In collaboration with Smart Approved WaterMark, we are providing a range of tips and resources to help you save water.
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Welcome to our new blue house

You are invited to spend five minutes in our water loving home to see how easy it is to save water.

Council encourages water conservation. The following links will show you how to conserve water for your business, home, garden, pool and more.

Just "click" on the banners below to discover the most efficient ways to use water and cut down on wastage.  

Save water in business

Saving water in your home

Save water in your garden

Using greywater in your garden

For more Information on using greywater and councils policy Click here 

How to save water in your pool

 How to save water washing card

How to install rainwater tanks

Here's a few additional tips to assist with saving water.  

Water efficient services

Discover water products

Last Edited: 04 Feb 2020

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