Following rave reviews from audiences and critics alike during its Canberra and Sydney seasons, the annual hilarity of The Wharf Revue arrives at Dubbo Regional Theatre on Tuesday 4 April, as part of its national tour.

The Wharf Revue is the brainchild of Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott, who co-created the show. Biggins and Forsythe are the Co-Directors, while Scott is the very capable Musical Director. They take many well-known songs and rewrite the lyrics to produce sketches with relevance, bite and wit. They are also the key performers and, for this tour, they are joined by talented actress and comedian, Mandy Bishop.

It’s a new dawn, a new day, and a new captain at the helm of the ship of State. And what a state we’re in. Inflation, rising interest rates, conflict in Ukraine, climate disaster, culture wars, COVID 19-20-21-22-23, and a looming World War Three… Could things get any worse? Absolutely! Neighbours has finished.

But there is a light on the horizon: The Wharf Revue is back.

With reports in the Australian Arts Review saying ‘the writing is as sharp, incisive and cheeky as ever, but as always, so much of the fun is recognising familiar identities among the clever impersonations offered by this quartet of masters of the art of political satire,’ it’s no wonder this is a show that will make you laugh. 

Inspired by the new national spirit of optimism that lasted for a week, the team are as keen as mustard to once again tackle the big-picture issues.

“Whether he’s Albo Baggins tackling the Mountain of Debt, down a rabbit hole in Wonderland or fighting a terf war in Inner West Side Story, Australia’s favourite new PM is ably supported by Tanya, Chris, Tony, Jim and Katy. Not so much by Jacqui, Allegra and Pauline on the very cross benches - let’s not mention King Charles, Vladimir, Boris and Joe - oh bugger, we just did,” the Revue creators said.

Manager, Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre Linda Christof said it was political satire done right, no matter who was in the audience. 

“The audience will enjoy razor-sharp portrayals of well-known public figures through imitation and funny anecdotes. There will be singing, dancing, music but most importantly hilarious sketches and re-worked song lyrics.  It’s political satire at its best but even if you don’t follow politics you’ll certainly recognise the personalities and understand most of the jokes. It will be a fun night out,” Ms Christof said.

The world is grim - what better time to have a laugh?

Tickets are on sale now and can be booked on-line, by visiting the Box Office or calling (02) 6801 4378.  

Last Edited: 17 Jul 2023

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