City and town maps

Dubbo city street map (PDF 896.2KB)

Dubbo region map (PDF 1.4MB)

Wellington town street map (PDF 376.1KB)

Car parking

Free parking

Free off-street public car parks, some with time restrictions, are available throughout the CBD that accommodate more than 700 spaces.

  • Bligh Street
  • Holls Avenue
  • Talbragar Street
  • Church Street.

Parking restrictions

Parking and traffic laws apply throughout the City of Dubbo to ensure the safe and fair use of roads for everyone's benefit.

Parking enforcement ensures:

  • vehicle turnover
  • availability of car spaces
  • education of the parking and regulations to public road related areas.

Enforcement is also carried out in residential areas to address:

  • parking restrictions around schools and neighbourhood shopping centres
  • driveway obstructions
  • heavy vehicle parking.

Last Edited: 02 Dec 2016

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