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Councillor Ben Shields was first elected to the former Dubbo City Council in 1999 as an 18-year-old who was still studying for his Higher School Certificate.

Councillor Shields is a fifth generation local of Dubbo and has a small advertising and marketing consultancy business.

Since his election to Council back in 1999, Councillor Shields has served 10 years on the board of Local Government NSW (previously Local Government Association of NSW).

In 2012, Councillor Shields was elected Deputy Mayor of the former Dubbo City Council.

At the 2016 merger of the former Dubbo City and Wellington Councils, Councillor Shields was appointed as an advisor to the Local Representation Committee whose job was to advise the new council administrator until elections could take place for the new Regional Council in September 2017.

Following the 2017 Council elections, Councillor Shields was elected as the first Mayor of Dubbo Regional Council.


MAYOR's column

The Mayor's weekly column about issues, events and news in the region.

Mayor's Wellington Column 26 September 2018
We are now just two weeks away from Bellhaven Aged Care shutting its doors in Wellington and as a Council we have been making efforts to ensure the community isn’t left worse off.
Mayor's Column 26 September 2018
This week marks one year since the election of this Council and a lot has been achieved in that time.
Mayor's Wellington Column 19 September 2018
It’s not that often that regional towns are given the opportunity to host a global event and that is why I am so pleased Wellington is the destination for Red Bull Branched Out 2018.
Mayor's Column 19 September 2018
It’s amazing stuff. A young fellow from England, straight after his wedding, is coming to Dubbo and thousands of well-wishers will be there to see him.
Mayor's Wellington Column 12 September 2018
It’s starting to get warmer and the worst of the winter chill is behind us. And that is certainly the case with Wellington 12 months on since the first Dubbo Regional Council election.


Dubbo Regional Council has determined not to participate in a proposed Joint Organisation (JO) due to the significant uncertainty surrounding the likely success and the potential financial burdens on the rate payer in entering and progressing in the JO.

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A monthly calendar of the Mayoral Appointments.

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