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Councillor Ben Shields was first elected to the former Dubbo City Council in 1999 as an 18-year-old who was still studying for his Higher School Certificate.

Councillor Shields is a fifth generation local of Dubbo and has a small advertising and marketing consultancy business.

Since his election to Council back in 1999, Councillor Shields has served 10 years on the board of Local Government NSW (previously Local Government Association of NSW).

In 2012, Councillor Shields was elected Deputy Mayor of the former Dubbo City Council.

At the 2016 merger of the former Dubbo City and Wellington Councils, Councillor Shields was appointed as an advisor to the Local Representation Committee whose job was to advise the new council administrator until elections could take place for the new Regional Council in September 2017.

Following the 2017 Council elections, Councillor Shields was elected as the first Mayor of Dubbo Regional Council.


MAYOR's column

The Mayor's weekly column about issues, events and news in the region.

Mayor's Column 3 April 2018
I never thought in my first year as mayor that so many of the issues that the council would face would revolve around our rivers.
Mayor's Column 21 March 2018
The next 12 months will be one of the most exciting times regional NSW has faced. In every electorate in every corner of the State record levels of funding has been pouring into public infrastructure.
Mayor's Column 14 March 2018
Mayor of Dubbo Region Councillor Ben Shields has called on the community to get behind Council’s bid for funding to help deliver a $1.39M refurbishment of Old Dubbo Gaol
Mayor's Column 7 March 2018
Over the last week I have had the biggest week of being Mayor since the election. And what an exciting week it has been.
Mayor's Column 28 February 2018
Think about it…Dubbo is such an obvious choice for the Qantas Pilot Training Facility it almost feels silly that we will have to bid for it!


Dubbo Regional Council has determined not to participate in a proposed Joint Organisation (JO) due to the significant uncertainty surrounding the likely success and the potential financial burdens on the rate payer in entering and progressing in the JO.

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A monthly calendar of the Mayoral Appointments.

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