Doing business with Council

Council generally purchases goods, services and works via publicly listed tenders and quotes*. However, you can register to become a supplier to Council where there is no contract.

Quotations are sought when there is no existing contract, additionally, dependent on the expected cost, quotes for goods and services are obtained from local suppliers where possible. Council has a Local Purchasing Policy. The policy can be viewed here Local Purchasing Policy (PDF 258.8KB).

Register to become a supplier to council

By registering to become a supplier with Council, your business will be active on Council's system and you may be contacted to provide a quote for goods or services - Register here

Suppliers that qualify under the local purchasing policy should also complete the Local Supplier Application Form


 Note: Completing this does not guarantee work, please see Procurement Policy

Update your details

If your business details have changed and you are registered on Councils system or are a current supplier of supply goods and/or services to Council, you can update your details online.

* Legislation requires a public tender for the purchase of all goods, services and works for which the estimated expenditure exceeds $150,000 for goods or services. Tenders are advertised in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Daily Liberal, Tenderlink and online

Last Edited: 25 May 2017

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