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Supply Nation Membership!

Council has become a member of Supply Nation! this means we have access to the many benefits offered, that we will pass on to registered and certified local Indigenous businesses! to help support local business and build the local economy.

Have you become registered or certified as an Indigenous Supplier with Supply Nation? it is completely free to you as a supplier to join, when you do we have access to invite your business via your Vendor Panel Marketplace registration. There are other many benefits to your membership as well, please contact Supply Nation for more information 1300 055 298 or visit the website. 


Keep an eye on Council's Tenders and Quotes page and Social Media for the release of some upcoming Procurement Opportunities including the below:

Old Dubbo Goal Heritage Plaza

Wiradjuri Cultural Tourism Centre

Wellington Caves Phosphate Mine Remediation Work, 3D Megafauna Educational Experience, Outdoor Living Library

Development of Council land and many civil construction of road and water & sewer infrastructure projects

Supporting the local economy through procurement

Council's new Local Purchasing Policy is effective from 1 September, 2020. To be measurable, Council implemented the Sourcing to Supplier Management system through the secure product, VendorPanel ©. To view upcoming tender documents or to recieve requests for quotes, self register at in your specific category of supply/serviceYou can find the Suppliers landing page here: 

Council generally purchases goods, services and works via publicly listed tenders and call for quotes*. The process is governed by a range of criteria such as best value and duration of continuous engagement. Quotations are sought when there is no existing contract in place. Quotes for goods and services are obtained locally where possible and our new e-procurement solution Vendor Panel assists with identifying suitable businesses in the Local Government Area, so please login and register!

Other ways Council purchases frequently used goods is through Government Contracts. The main businesses that run panel contracts for Councils to use are Local Government Procurement  and Procurement Australia These are prescribed under the relevant Act to tender on councils behalf.

Interested to know details of winning tenders? the GIPA register of government contracts is maintained in accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 available to view on this website link.

When you are engaged by council, accepting and agreeing to this purchase/ engagement or contract you are required to have current insurances in place and the documentation provided to Council on request. At a minimum Dubbo Regional Council requires minimum $20 million Public Liability cover, but may require additional insurances depending on the type of work being performed. Additional insurance types can be Professional Indemnity or Products Liability, please check types of cover with your insurer*.

* Legislation requires a public tender for the purchase of all goods, services and works for which the estimated expenditure exceeds $250,000 for goods or services. It is no longer legislated that newspaper advertising is required though on occasion it will still be advertised in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Daily Liberal on Vendor Panel and online.

Please contact if you have any further enquires about the processes of receiving requests to quote.

VendorPanel login, registering, assistance or technical assistance contact VendorPanel on their Customer support on the portal or Call (03) 9095 6181

Last Edited: 14 Oct 2020

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