Community Strategic Plan

Council is preparing a draft 2040 Community Strategic Plan for the new Dubbo Regional Local Government Area.

Community feedback on the ideas and priorities to be incorporated in a new plan is being gathered in June and July 2017.


What is a community strategic plan?

A Community Strategic Plan is Council’s highest level forward planning document which captures the long-term vision and identifies the community’s priorities for the local government area.

From the Community Strategic long-term actions and annual priorities are made to achieve this vision and the priorities of the community.

A Community Strategic Plan is part of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, under the provisions of the Local Government Act.

All Councils in NSW are required to have a Community Strategic Plan in place. The Community Strategic Plans of the former Councils were known as Dubbo 2036 and Wellington 2025.


What will happen to Dubbo 2036 and Wellington 2025?

Given the unprecedented level of community engagement that was conducted to develop both Dubbo 2036 and Wellington 2025 it is not necessary to redevelop a Community Strategic Plan from scratch.

The feedback now being collected from the community will help test assumptions from the existing plans as well as seek priorities and new ideas.

In this way the community feedback will help build on the success of Dubbo 2036 and Wellington 2025 so the community aspirations in those plans as well as ideas and priorities can be incorporated in the new draft 2040 Community Strategic Plan.


When will the Plan come into effect?

As a result of the merger it was determined to harmonise the Delivery Programs and Operational Plans of the two former Councils as an interim measure.

The 2017/2018 Annual Operational Plan has been based on Dubbo 2036 and Wellington 2025.

The draft 2040 Community Strategic Plan will be prepared for review by a new Council following elections being held in September.

The new Council will be required to review the draft and determine the next steps prior to adopting the Community Strategic Plan.


Where can I find more information?

For more detailed information on Council’s Community Strategic Planning process read the Council report: New Community Strategic Plan for the Dubbo Local Government Area (PDF 2.1MB).

Download and review the former Council’s Community Strategic Plans Dubbo 2036 (PDF 9.7MB) and Wellington 2025 (PDF 1.8MB)

Learn more about the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework for all local Councils here.

Last Edited: 08 Jun 2017

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