Community Strategic Plan

Council adopted the first Community Strategic Plan for the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area comprising the former Wellington and Dubbo council areas. The 2040 Community Strategic Plan is the highest strategy that will guide and influence the actions and initiatives of Dubbo Regional Council, the community, all tiers of government and community stakeholders over a 22 year period through to 2040. The 2040 Community Strategic Plan and associated documents have been created with ongoing and detailed community consultation.

The 2040 Community Strategic Plan is the central component of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework under the Local Government Act, 1993. The 2040 Community Strategic Plan outlines aspirations and visions as overarching strategic outcomes to be achieved by 2040. The Delivery and Operational Plan examines the actions to be undertaken to achieve the strategic outcomes. The Delivery Plan includes actions for a three (3) year period while the Operational Plan includes one (1) year actions. Supporting these documents is the Resourcing Strategy which includes the Workforce Management Plan, Long Term Financial Plan and Interim Asset Management Strategy. 

           Community Strategic Plan                                Delivery Program and Operational Plan 2020/2021      

 CSP Final                               Front cover



             Resourcing Strategy                                                 Long Term Financial Plan 2020/2021

ResourcingStrategy Final                                LongTermFP Final


     Workforce Management Plan                                    Annual Statement of Revenue Policy 2020/2021      

WorkforcePlan Final                                  RevenuePolicy Final


         Fees and Charges 2020/2021                                            Interim Asset Management Plan

FeesAndCharges Final                               InterimAsset Final

Last Edited: 01 Jul 2020

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